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Montreal Ready to Raise Next Title Banner on 2/20 Apparently


Last night the Montreal Canadiens defeated  the New York Rangers 3-1. And by doing so they took the top spot in the Eastern Conference. And because it's Montreal, they're already celebrating their quarter-season championship. This was RT by the Sirius XM NHL Radio twitter account this morning:


Oof. Embarrassing. Let alone it's quarter-season and there's fives teams within three points of them, they're choosing to ignore games played, too.

Math, motherfuckers.

But congrats on the minor achievement. We know there hasn't been much to celebrate recently up in Montreal. Before this the biggest deal in town was kicking out the English-only speaking coaches like in some bizarre hockey version of the Muslim Expulsion from Spain (history, motherfuckers). But man is this going to suck when they create a hour long pre-game ceremony commemorating last night's events.

S/T to Dana N. for sharing the link with us. bWo.