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NHL Center Ice and GameCenter Live Are Priced…And Really Expensive.

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NHL Center Ice and NHL Gamecenter have been priced for the 2013-2014 season. Patrice Purrgeron's buddy Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy wrote about how much each package will cost: 

If you order Center Ice before Oct. 31, your cost is $159.96. That's for the usual "up to 40 live out-of-market games" per week. There will also be a free preview from Oct. 1 to Oct. 19.

Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, Verizon FiOS, and Cablevision are among the major cable operators carry Center Ice yet again. (DirecTV has the same $159.96 early bird offer.

If you're one who prefers NHL GameCenter Live for your smart phone, tablet or streaming device, that will set you back $149.99 before Oct. 31.

With each service you'll get out of market games, meaning if you live in Boston you will not get Bruins games. Justin had Gamecenter Live last season and had to use a proxy (or something close to it) to fool GCL and make it seem like he was in Russia. Yeah, fucking Russia. If you live outside of Boston, it may be a good idea to get Center Ice or GameCenter Live. 

Here's the thing, if you don't watch many other games other than Bruins games, why bother getting either of these? I have a better idea. Almost every HDTV has a function where you can hook up your computer or laptop to it. If you need help on how to set up your laptop to your television – go here

The reason I say this is because I want to save you some money. This year, Days of Y'Orr has teamed up with the good dudes of Serious Sports TV to provide Bruins Hockey NightEVERY Bruins game will be available at this web address but we decided to forego HD streaming because the stream can be 60 to 90 seconds behind. 

Hook your laptop up to your TV, head to Bruins Hockey Night and watch every Bruins game on you TV without having to pay $160 for it. I mean, if you want to give US $160, then you can but we're not obligating you to it. You can catch other NHL games at hockeynight.org.

There's a catch. There's always  a catch! 

The Catch: You will need a good ad blocker. Team DOY uses Ad Blocker Plus and it works like a dream. It's a lot better than hitting a million Xs and maybe opening some stupid ad or download.

Be sure to follow Serious Sports TV on Twitter — @SeriousSportsTV.

So save yourself some money this year. We got your back.