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NHL/PA Cancel Games Up To December 14th


While Americans were running people over to get great deals so they can spoil their already shitty children, the NHL and the PA were busy canceling more of the season. After canceling all of November in hopes of working out a deal (LOL) Bettman and his crew announced that all games leading up to December 14th, including the All-Star game will not be played this year

From Newsday: 

If an agreement is reached soon and games can commence on Dec. 15, a 60-game season — with a revamped conference-only schedule — remains possible, because some games could be played during the All-Star break and in April.

Of course, I wouldn't hold my breath. The NHL and the PA are not in a rush to get a season going, despite whatever they want to say. It's funny, if you think about it, that in the beginning the NHLPA was upset about documents and proposals being leaked to the media but now they are directly sending them out to media members. 

I guess that's okay because for your $3,000 a year you can go into an empty locker room (seriously, there weren't even jerseys hanging up) and take your picture with the Stanley Cup banner! Season ticket holders should take this as a slap in the face. First, the Bruins have one of the shittiest plans when it comes to the lockout and your season tickets and then they allow season ticket holders to tour an empty locker room (and by Jon's account, it was basically a 5 minute push through) and stand next to banner that's already outdated by a year, so you can get your picture taken with it. 

I'm sorry, but if I have to shell out that type of cash, I want some more bang for my buck. As Jon said in our staff chat: 


B's staff brought us in and rushed all of us out within 10 minutes…The speech about all the stuff we couldn't touch was longer.
Amazing fan relations the Bruins have. I get more e-mails about what the fuck the Garden is hosting from Bruins PR then I do about hockey related things. 
Fuck hockey at this point.