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NHL Presents: While You Were Protesting

(Note: This is not a typical “Jacobs sucks!” post. We wanted to highlight how stupid these fans protests are in principal and how the owners don’t care. Jacobs is the Bruins owner, we are a Bruins blog, so we used Jacobs and focused on him. We are well aware that the lockout is not Jacobs’ fault. He is only 1/30th responsible)

There are incredibly lame YouTube videos. There are dumb ass songs. There are rallies. There are two week ultimatums being handed out on Twitter. All part of a fan movement to protest the lockout.

Look, we’re passionate fans too. We don’t want a lockout either. But here’s a newsflash for you… no matter what you do, no matter how many ultimatums you give, no matter how much you bitch and cry, the simple fact is the owners and players don’t care and will not be swayed by fans. 

Do you honestly think the NHL or NHLPA is going to see your little videos or websites and say “Well gee golly guys we’re really upsetting the fans! Let’s all hug and just give the other side whatever they want!”? If you do…

Patrice Purrgeron even stumbled upon a movie the owners made when they heard about your little protests.

After the jump… the NHL’s first major motion picture…..