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NHL Realignment: Wild Cards in the NHL?


The other day it was reported that the NHL realignment proposal would leave the three division/two conference setup and to a four conference/0 divison set up, meaning the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins could've faced each other for the Stalney Cup finals. The possible Cup FInal matchups made the idea really exciting, but it appears that's no longer the case.

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN is reporting the proposal is a two-division/two-conference set up. Top three teams per division make the playoffs plus a couple of wild cards:

The playoff format as detailed in the league memo Tuesday calls for the top three teams in each division to earn postseason berths. The remaining four spots would go to wild cards, the top two records in each conference. That means there's a possibility five teams make it from one division and only three from another.

Not loving the wild cards, really. Way too MLB for our liking.

Also there are two names being tossed up for the Bruins divsion — Northeast and Central. Problem with calling it Northeast is that Tampa and Florida aren't northeast unless we're watching from South America. Problem with Central is that those teams aren't central to anything either. What a shitty name. Just go with Orr or Adams and call it a day. Geographical division names are boring anyways.