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NHL Superlatives: Bruins sweep ‘Toughest Player’ category

While the team is struggling comes some bright news. The Boston Bruins swept the top three spots in this year’s NHLPA 2012 Players Poll (aka NHL Superaltives) in the “Toughest Player” category. Milan Lucic came in first with 20% of the vote, Zdeno Chara came in second with 17% and Shawn Thornton, third greatest NHL player of all time, came in third with 11% of the vote.

Sorry, McQuaid. You’ll always be one tough hombre in Jack Edwards’ eyes.

Patrice Bergeron took top honors for “Most Underrated Player.” David Krejci also made that list, coming in fifth. Bruins also came in third for “Team You Would Like to Play with” honors.

And, not shockingly, the Vancouver Canucks were rated the “Most Overrated Team” in the NHL. We now turn to the fans of Vancouver for their thoughts:

Rebuttal, Boston?

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