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[UPDATED] NHLPA To Send “Alternate View” To NHL Today.

A little dramatic? Maybe. But lets be honest, today is going to either make us very happy or make us completely miserable. Today the NHLPA will be sending a counter offer to the NHL’s joke of an offer in July.For those who don’t know what the NHL’s initial offer was, here’s a small piece of what the link we provided says: 

NHL proposal to players: 1-reduce players hockey related revenues to 46% from 57 %. 2-10 seasons in NHL before being UFA.

3-contracts limites to 5 years 4-no more salary arbitration. 5- entry-level contract 5 years instead of 3.

To Clarify the initial proposal:

1. Right now it’s 57-43 in favor of the players. Owners want it to be 54-46 in favor of the owners

2. In the last CBA negotiations during the 2004-05 season elimination, the NHL agreed to accelerating unrestricted free agency from 10 years to age 27 (or 7 years).

3. There are currently no contract limits, which Wild fans learned last week when Zach Parise and Ryan Suter were given 13-year deals by Minnesota.

4. There’s currently player elected and club elected arbitration

5. Is self-explanatory above.

I can’t see why the PA said no to that. I mean, longer entry level contracts, smaller amount of revenue and a limit on contract length? What player wouldn’t want that? It’s a slap in the face to the PA, but before we crucify the owners, lets see what the PA comes back with. From what I’m reading, Donald Fehr called the counter proposal an “alternate view” which scares the piss out of me. You know the one thing people hate more than chicken sandwiches and Tim Thomas’ Facebook musings? Change. So a “different approach” and “alternate view” don’t really get my balls tingly thinking hockey will start soon. 

Don’t get it twisted TeamDOY, Fehr isn’t scared to go into a lockout. He did it when he was the MLBPA Executive Director when he led the players into the 1994-95 MLB lockout and cancellation of the World Series. He’s no stranger to breaking hearts of fans and the NHL owners aren’t either.

You all know I’m one pessimistic mother fucker so my adive to you is hunker down and read up on our Survival Guide To An(Other) NHL Lockout because I don’t see Bettman or Fehr backing down to get hockey played this season.  

Breaking News:

NHLPA Sends Offer To NHL:

get bent

[UPDATE: 1:23 pm]

Dan Rosen, senior writer for NHL.com just tweeted this out:

There’s also rumblings that the NHLPA will release their prosposal tonight.