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No Show Bruins Lose. Again. Down 2-0

No team wins every game in the playoffs. It just doesn’t happen. But when the team you love doesn’t even look like they’re trying, you can’t even accurately describe the level of frustration. 

The Bruins laid yet another egg last night. Not sure if they are aware the playoffs started. Sure Chara was out. But no one else on that team stepped up. Thomas was handing the Canadiens goes on a silver platter. Price was rarely even bothered. Guy hasn’t had to work hard all series. Not a good sign.

You can try to point to Montreal’s diving and cheap shots but the Bruins thus far have shown a complete inability or lack of desire to overcome that. What we’re seeing is the same exact team we saw in Game 7 against Carolina in 2009 and Game 7 in Philadelphia in 2010.  

The Habs might be a shitty, cowardly, whiny piece of crap organization. But the Bruins are proving themselves to be an organization with a loser mentally and that needs to change quickly.

When your GM and coach keep saying the team is playing well and that simply playing their best is their goal…. well, we should’ve known we were in trouble. All that talk about learning from past playoff mistakes looks like bullshit right now. You have to wonder if the culture in the team is a culture of winning.

We HATE Scott Burnside around here. Guy is a hack. But a couple years ago he wrote this. At the time it seemed crazy. But now?

We haven’t been people that have been on the “Fire Claude” bandwagon this season. But as he and the rest of the coaching staff seemingly REFUSE to make adjustments at even strength, on the power play…. anywhere…. you have to wonder if the Devils were right that year.

The line that is ringing most true to us right now is when Burnside quoted Lamoriello:

“I don’t think we’re at a point of being ready both mentally and [physically] to play the way that is necessary going into the playoffs,” Lamoriello said outside an empty Devils locker room at the Continental Airlines Arena. “I am not saying that is going to change. But I think there has to be better focus going forward.”

If this play keeps up you wonder if the Bruins are forced to make some moves after the season.

The blame doesn’t solely on the coaching staff. Not even the players are making adjustments. You have to wonder if the “loser mentality” of the GM saying simply playing well is the goal seeps down to the team.

The Bruins are down 2-0. Every game is a must win. Maybe the Bruins are just waiting to make a comeback of their own. We’ll find out Monday.

After the jump…. where’s the first line…. where’s the heart….

A lot has been made about guys like Hnidy and Ryder starting over guys like Seguin and…. well, any young defenseman. We know Hnidy is a fan favorite but really, he couldn’t possibly be any slower. Poor choice against a team like Montreal. But the Bruins are stuck in a way. They don’t exactly have an abundance of defensive ready prospects you can just toss into the fire. At least Chara will be back Monday.

But something needs to be done. The Bruins season is hanging in the balance. Maybe one or two hungry younger guys can make a difference. The vets and playoff “experienced” guys are not doing much better. Julien has an odd dedication to his vets so who knows if he’ll have the nuts to pull the trigger to shake things up. Has anyone not named Brad Marchand shown up? But the way the B’s are doing things right now is not working. Something, anything, needs to happen.

What happened to Milan Lucic. Boston’s only 30 goal scorer has been invisible. The only time you notice him is…. well, we haven’t. Krejci and Horton have been invisible too. Not what you want from a top line in an important playoff series. What we don’t understand is… if you’re a player on this team…. how are you NOT amped up for these games?

No one is paying the price to go to the front of the net. There is just constant over passing. The Bruins are a team in their own heads and beating themselves. So many needless turnovers, even when Montreal isn’t pressuring the Bruins. They didn’t even change strategy between Games 1 and 2. They kind of took an “if it is broke, DON’T fix it approach.”

Enough complaining. Things look ugly for the Bruins right now. We’re not going to try and deny that. The Bruins have never comeback from being down 2-0 in a series. Just because something has never happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Last year the Bruins made history in the worst way possible. Not is it time for them to make some better history for themselves.