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Not even refs can stop them. Bruins Win.

Great game. Chicago is a desperate team. The defending champs may not even make the playoffs. They sit 8th in the Western Conference. Every game for the rest of the season is a playoff game for them.

The Bruins didn’t care. They brought it tonight. Wasn’t the flashiest victory. Admittedly as much as we like hockey some parts of this game were down right boring. Who cares. Bruins came out and shutdown the Blackhawks. Thomas showed why he is the Vezina favorite once again. Zdeno Chara led by example. Seguin didn’t show up on the scoreboard but he was a beast again. 

Corey Crawford was strong. The Bruins were patient. They broke him. Boston held their shit together while the refs turned a blind eye towards Chicago’s cheap shots and blatant penalties. The Bruins did what good teams do…. they hung in the game and made something happen. Simple as that. In the process they took another step towards locking up the Northeast Division. 

That disappointing matinee loss against the Rangers is a distant memory after back to back wins over last year’s Stanley Cup Finals teams. B’s are not f’ing around lately.

After the jump…… what we liked and didn’t like about tonight’s game……

Note: Days of Y’Orr staff was at the game, so no one was home to write down funny funny jokes and stuff. So we’re doing things a little differently tonight. 

– Tim Thomas is just a beast. Like the rest of the team, he hit a bit of a rough patch but has rebounded wonderfully. No reason he should not win the Vezina. Rangers fans are arguing that Lundqvist should win because of his 11 shutouts. Rangers fans say the Rangers wouldn’t even be sniffing the playoffs without Lundqvist.

Thomas has 9 shutouts now and the rest of his stats are above Lundqvist. And look at where the Bruins were as a team earlier in the year. Thomas stole game after game that his team didn’t even show up for. Thomas > Lundqvist.

– Any night Boychuk scores is a good night. We’re Boychuk fan boys. Who cares. Guy throws expert hip checks, is a shutdown defender and has a cannon for a shot. Boychuk’s goal was a great example of why sometimes you just need to put pucks on net. Looked like he was just trying to produce a rebound or something but the puck had eyes. Every night Boychuk is there to kick ass or chew bubble gum…..

– Seguin continues to impress. He didn’t have any points but the kid is playing his balls off. He’s got great vision, great speed and puts passes right on his linemates sticks. He’s showing Julien he doesn’t want to be watching the playoffs from the press box. Bumpy rookie year for Seguin but he’s putting the pieces together.

– Glad Ryder was benched. The playoffs are coming soon and the Bruins do not need any passengers. They’ve had too many passengers in Game 7’s the past two years. They need everyone leaving it all on the ice every shift to end this damn Cup drought. Hopefully Ryder took some notes.

– Chara is making a case for another Norris trophy. We’re mostly just glad he’s not letting this Pacioretty thing drag him down. He was physical tonight, getting in people’s faces when they took liberties with his teammates. He scored the opening goal that demoralized the Blackhawks. Basically tonight he went out and did what a captain is supposed to do, and the team followed him.

– Thornton being a total badass. Funny how Chicago won’t say shit to him when he’s on the ice. But then he takes a skate blade to the head, is skating off and all of a sudden someone on Chicago’s bench is a tough guy. Thornton tried to go after someone on the Chicago bench despite a gaping wound. Just what kind of guy Shawn Thornton is. That is why he is the third greatest player in NHL history.

– Congrats to our man Mark Recchi. With his assist tonight he passed Paul Coffey on the NHL’s all time scoring list. You’re the man Mark Recchi.

– No idea how Recchi doesn’t get one of the three stars after that milestone. Crazy. People who pick the three stars should be ashamed of themselves.

– Yeah we know, complaining about refs is dumb but this offciating crew was atrocious. Apparently calling shit on the Blackhawks is illegal. Despsite their best efforts, the Bruins still won. Thanks refs.

– Terrible to see Thornton get a skate to the head. Heard he got 40 stitches. He’s a tough bastard so we’re assuming he’ll play Thursday though maybe a few days off would be good for him. We’re sure if it is up to Thornton he’ll be playing because he’s a total badass.

– Chicago being bitches. Maybe the desperation of trying to make the playoffs got to them, but we thought Chicago was a better team than what they showed. Cheap shots, smack talking Thornton from the bench after his head got sliced open, etc. Bunch of little bitches they were tonight. Don’t worry, you might only see the Bruins once a year but Thornton takes numbers.

– That asshole in a blank Bruins jersey and his friend decked out in Red Sox gear from head to toe that started an “Ole Ole” chant in the third period. All game this dickhead was yelling shit at the Bruins and trying to make jokes about Chicago when he clearly knew nothing. Then late in the third after the Bruins last goal, he starts an Ole chant and his Red Sox pal joins in. These “huge” fans apparently didn’t know that the stupid Ole soccer chant is something stupid ass Habs fans do. If you two are reading this…. go back to Fenway you fools. You’re idiots. You don’t belong at the TD Garden. Get off the bandwagon because we don’t want you on the Bruins train. Go start a Yankees suck chant for no reason at a concert or something you tools.