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One Win Away. Bruins Dominate.

Here we are Bruins fans. It has been a long road, but for the second year in a row the B’s are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Just another step on the road to redemption.

Some of you out there are saying wah wah but last year they were up 3-0 and they lost wah wah. Get the fudge outta here. Now. That was last year. New year, new attitude.

The best possible thing that could’ve happened to the Bruins was that first round seven game series against Montreal. It mentally and physically prepared them for the grind of these playoffs. It taught them how to win, how to close. How to go for the throat.

Look at the Bruins. Look at how they came out and put their foot on the Flyers throat and kept it there. By the time the Flyers lucked out and beat Tim “God” Thomas for their only goal the game was well in hand. This is a different Bruins team. Maybe Philly wins Game 4 for pride. Maybe. But the Bruins are playing their best hockey of the season at the right time. Don’t even come at us with the collapse word. Go watch baseball or something if that is your attitude.

We’re not going to talk about last year here. That has been beat to death. The Bruins have a chance to clinch Friday. Your productiviy is going to be below zero the next couple of days. You’re going to watch Marchand and Boychuk literally destroy Philly over and over until the puck drops for Game 4. You’re going to watch each one of Thomas’ 52 saves in Game 2.

Don’t get cocky, but get excited. The Bruins appear to have finally learned their lesson from past failures. That doesn’t guarantee a Cup or an Eastern Conference Finals win. But they are giving us more reason to be excited than they have in years. Going to be a long, long couple of days.

After the jump…. Thomas is a god, Marchand and Boychuk will destroy you and Bruins love faceoffs…..

Last night the Bruins laid down the blue print for success. They were machine like in their victory. They were highly skilled, highly disciplined. Almost every rebound in both ends was pounced on. They outworked and out thought the Flyers. They hit EVERYTHING that moved. Literally. They imposed their will on the Flyers. And now they are once again on the brink of their first Eastern Conference Final appearance in 20 years.

Marchand was beyond a beast. There are no words to describe his play last night. He had 7 registered hits and 4 kills. Boychuk saw this and joined in the fun. Boychuk takes the art of the hip check to new levels. They literally destroyed the Flyers last night. Philly had no speed through the neutral zone because they knew they were going to get blasted. And then they spent too much time trying to get revenge on Marchand and not, you know, playing hockey.

Ville Leino was so tired of getting nailed every shift that he became visibly frustrated. B’s completely threw Philly off their game plan. Flyers fans will tell you their team is the roughest and toughest. They had zero answer for the B’s physicality last night other than cheap shots, and even those didn’t work. Marchand and Boychuk will destroy you.

We also thought Boychuk had a very underrated defensive game. He’s had his struggles at times this postseason but the guy was a beast last night. Timely poke checks, big clears, big stops. We openly admit we’re Boychuk fanboys but still… guy had one hell of a game.

Scott Hartnell is on the P.K. Subban level of cowardice. He showed another classic example of why he’s one of the biggest pansies in the league last night.

Philly needed some momentum and Hartnell was trying to get the B’s to take a penalty. A decent strategy on the surface. So Shawn Thornton was on the ice. Hartnell slashed him behind the play and had some words for Thornton. Thornton didn’t take the bait by getting a dumb penalty. Instead, he challenged Hartnell to a fight. Never seen Hartnell skate away so fast. Don’t trash talk if you can’t back it up Hartnell. Typical Philly though.

Some people have been down on Chara because he hasn’t been contributing offensively these playoffs. His defense has generally been awesome so we barely noticed. Apparently Chara wanted everyone to notice.

Two goals last night for the big man. That has to be a huge confidence boost. It has been an odd post season for Chara. He missed Game 2 against Montreal and had his heart questioned while he lost ten pounds because of a virus. Like the rest of this Bruins team he just keeps proving people wrong.

The Bruins got a powerplay goal. Seriously. Sure, it was a 5 on 3 but maybe, just maybe they have the monkey off their backs now and perform better on the powerplay. Admittedly their strategy with the extra man is a bit predictable but never underestimate the effect a confidence boost can have on a team.

Greg dug up the following stats from last night:

Bruins won 43 of 55 faceoofs last night. Bergeron was 17/19, Krejci was 8/8 and Campbell was 11/12. Simply amazing. Bergeron has been on fire all playoffs and Krejci has really stepped up his game. B’s firing on all cyclinders at the right time.

What is there really left to say about Tim F’ing Thomas. No words can accurately describe his performance this postseason. Hot goalies have led average teams to great heights in the playoffs. Tim Thomas is a great goalie getting even hotter for a good Bruins team.

Where are all the people that wanted him traded this offseason? Where are all the people calling for Tuukka Rask after Game 2 against Montreal? Thomas is a HUGE reason the Bruins are up 3-0. He is killing Philly.

Awesome pic by reader J.D.
They can’t talk because Thomas is busy tea bagging them while he eats cheeseburgers and saves more than Jesus. There is no one, NO ONE, we would rather have in net than Tim Thomas. In Thomas, We Trust. Keep doing what you do Timmy. Compare Thomas to Philly’s goaltending situation:

Hilarious pic by DOY reader Joseph LaMonica
Here’s a recap of some “humps” the Bruins have plowed through this post season.

– They won a Game Seven

– They dispatched a Montreal team that had given them trouble all season

– They have thus far silenced doubters who loudly wonder if the Bruins can mentally handle a series against Philly again.

This Bruins team is hungry. They see an obstacle, they destroy it. Is it Friday yet?