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Over-Attached Chara Photoshop Expo: Send In Your Memes

We haven't done a photoshop expo in a long, long time. The most successful Photoshop expo was our "What Is Guy Boucher Holding" expo, so let's try to top that. Thanks to Dan Ryan from SCoC. So this is what we want you to do. 

Use the picture below:


You can click the picture for an even larger image to work off of. If you have ever seen the Overly-Attached Girlfriend memes, we're going on that kind of theme. Here are a couple that Dan himself made: 


chara 2

But they can be about anything, honestly. Email them to daysofyorr@gmail.com. We will do a post after Game 1 (so Friday morning) and show off the best ones. DOY Staff will vote on their favorite and we will see what we have to give away.