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Overtime is a Cruel Mistress. BRUINS LOSE.

What a game. That's what playoff hockey is all about. Sucks that the B's lost but it's only Game 1. It took a double deflection to beat Rask in triple OT. If Game 1 is any indication this series is going to kill us all.

Lots of back and forth action. Lots of great chances on both sides. Worst part of the game?


Whatever. We're tired. BRING ON GAME 2!!!!

– Lucic continues to be an absolute BEAST in these playoffs. Two goals and an assist. Hey Looch, let's make a deal. If you promise to always play like this in the playoffs we'll promise to not give a shit how you play in the regular season. Deal?

– As pretty much EVERYONE pointed out on Twitter, the Blackhawks already have more goals than the Penguins did against the Bruins. That's what happens when you play against a good team. The Blackhawks are a really good team.

– Krejci killing the NHL in the playoffs. KILLING.

– We'd watch this show:

– Boychuk hit Hossa so hard in OT Hossa thought he was still with the Penguins. Hossa then proceeded to make a tee time.

– Patrice Bergeron….WHY YOU SO AWESOME!?!?

– Rask made a ton of really tough saves. Love you buddy!

– Seguin showed some life tonight. Could still be better, but he's also saddled with Kelly and Peverley. And there is no point in breaking up the first or second line to fit Seguin there.

– Bruins penalty kill is pretty awesome! 

– Let's all give Duncan Keith a hand for going an entire game (and some more!) without trying to end someone's career. We know it was hard Duncan. We all appreciate your effort.

– Krug finally played like a rookie. Rough game for that crazy youngster. Hopefully he learns from it.

– Also, Jon totally called how quick Bruins fans would turn on Krug the first time he had a bad game. Krug went from being a "hero" to being shit in about three seconds according to Twitter. Apparently Bartkowski is way more super awesome now. 

– How is it Ference's fault that he blocked a shot like a defenseman should and it happend to take a bad bounce off his skate and into the net? 'Splain it to me Lucy.

– That Too Many Men call on Krejci was one of the worst calls we've seen in a playoffs full of terrible, awful calls.

– Why do people still feel the need to bring up Thomas and his politics? It's done, it's over, he's gone. Now shut the fuck up.

– People who claim conspiracy whenever penalties are lopsided. Do us all a favor and go drink a bleach cocktail you morons.

– The Bruins should open a cake store with all the icing they did.

– Horton hurt?!?!? 😦 😦 😦

– Anyone know where Kelly and Peverley have been in the playoffs?

– Stop being so good Mr. Saad. Please?

– Brad Marchand is a midget compared to Duncan Keith. Marchand pushed Keith. Here's what really happened:

Here's what Keith pretended had happened:

– What a quitter.

– Look, we know we're Thornton fan boys but he had fresh legs in OT and has way better hands than Daugavins. He brings energy and physicality. We just think he should've gotten a few more shifts in OT.

– This:

– Are we positive this game isn't still going on?

– Is calling in to work "over time drunk" acceptable?