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Patches pulls his best Kovalev, Emelin clips Cole

Last night’s Montreal Canadiens vs. Minnesotta Wild game was… well… wild. (Apologies for the pun.) 

First off, with under a minute left in the game and with a wide open net, Max Pacioretty scoops up the puck and is racing for the nail in the coffin goal. Kurtis Foster harasses him with his stick which leads to another dive.

Cool dive, bro.

Maybe Patches is just trying out to be the next Superman.

After the jump… Watch one Hab clip another Hab. Suspendable???

Of course, that Patches dive reminded us instantly of another ill-timed dive by the Canadiens:

Bitches get stitches and fakers get… cankers? Makers? Stankers? Whatevs. Suck it.

Earlier in the game Alexei Emelin had a text book clip on teammate Erik Cole.

Harrison Mooney of PuckDaddy said “It’s a shame it was accidental, because this is a downright beautiful, open-ice hipcheck.” He’s only saying that because it wasn’t Marchand throwing it at a Canuck. 

This should be suspendable but it wasn’t a Bruins that threw the hit so it won’t. Also, Shanny has gotten soft since February rolled around.

Let’s not forget about Marchand’s “cip” on Emelin last month. Will Shanny tweet about not liking this hit, too?