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Patrice Bergeron Out Indefinitely with ‘Moderate Concussion’


Last night's win against the Senators was great and all except for Patrice Bergeron getting an elbow to the temple in an accidental collision with Colin Greening. He didn't return to the game and won't be returning the line up for the foreseeable future. Chiarelli spoke briefly about it:

“He was in very good spirits,” Chiarelli said. “He was out walking today. He was annoyed at it. He was emotional [Tuesday] night.”

Yea, no shit. Fourth concussion of Bergeron's career and he'd been having one of the best seasons of his career at that, too. Not to mention there's no harder worker or competitor in the NHL than Patrice Bergeron. If we were him we'd be pissed, too. Chia said Bergy had a really sore neck today, too.

Chiarelli doesn't know when Bergy will be back in the line-up. Fact that Bergy was out walking is a good sign but it's a concussion so who the hell knows.

Bergeron has 31 points (10 goals 21 assists) in 35 games this season. Here's the hit: