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Patrice Purrgeron now taking private cases

Purrgeron doesn’t like to toot his own horn (that’s a lie), so we’ll do it for him.

Every time we put Purrgeron on special assignment he’s come through.

We saw it when Purrgeron risked his own hide to find the Boston Bruins heart.

And now we saw his skills in action tonight. Horton Watch 2011 was reaching ungodly numbers, so Purrgeron stepped in and coached Horton during the All-Star break, pro bono mind you.

What happens?


Coincidence? We think not.

Purrgeron has decided to expand up his business and is taking requests on other issues — be it personal or Bruins related — to possibly take on.

Send ideas his way via his Facebook profile, the DOY Facebook profile or emailing Patrice at daysofyorr@gmail.com.