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Pez Says: The Curse of the Pop Star

Thank you Dougie Hamilton, Adam McQuaid, Jordan Caron, Brad Marchand and Reilly Smith. 

Thank you. 

You've fucked us all.

And not literally, though Brad Marchand may be two-thirds through the city right now. The five of you may as well just pack your bags and go somewhere else because you've fucked us right in the cinnamon ring. That's right: The Curse of the Pop Star strikes again friends. 


It began in 2009 when the Pittsburgh Penguins gave Taylor Swift a 2009 Pens jersey.

Ray Shero smartly killed the "Curse of T-Swift" when Tyler Kennedy found himself in a San Jose Sharks jersey this season. What could it mean for the Penguins? Who knows but Sidney Crosby is blowing up so far this season. I like to think that the reason Crosby is doing so well is because he's on my team in JHL – a fantasy hockey league full of Yinzers. 

I mean, yeah – maybe I'm worrying too much about nothing. Maybe there actually isn't a real "Curse of the…

Oh sweet Jesus. 

That picture was taken in December of 2011 when Beiber did some stuff with the Leafs. What's happened to them since? Well in the 2011-2012 season they finished 13th in the Eastern Conference and drafted defenseman Morgan Riley. The season after that? Well, we all know what happened: 

Maybe I'm looking at this in a vacuum, but these are not encouraging. 

You fucked us. And you like shitty music while doing it. 

In other DOY News:

Good friend, owner of The Nosebleeds and contributor to Next Impulse Sports – Pete Blackburn – will be providing us with in-game .gifs for our recaps. Huge stick tap to Pete, we're looking forward to it. 

Tomorrow's DOY Live will feature Stanley Cup of Chowder's senior editor Sarah Connors. Be sure to check it out and we'll have more on that tomorrow.