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Philadelphia realizes it sucks; tries to be more like Boston

Philadelphia has finally realized how crummy it is. It’s most popular sub can be made by a six-year-old and it’s greatest athlete isn’t even real.

So it’s really no surprise that Filthadelphia has decided to rework it’s image and what better city to copy than Boston?

First, Philadelphia threw a tea party today, a la Boston 1773 style.

They even printed shirts to memorate the occasion!

Shit. Can you imagine the colonialists comemorating the original tea party with customized puffy shirts, snuff boxes or powder wigs? Awesome.

The Game 2 shirts also has Boston written all over it.

The anti-Flyers Thumbs Down t-shirt is like 100x cooler than this.

We approve of the Jayne hat the guy in the back left is wearing though.

Flyers fans, like our Bogluin brethren Flyers Goal Scored By, aren’t stoked by the Boston-feel events and give aways the Flyers are doing.

Go Bruins!