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Photoshop Contest: Mamma Said Lock You Out

Gary Bettman NHL Lockout movie
We gotta entertain ourselves somehow and making jokes is how we cope with difficult times… like the NHL Lockout. Therefore we’re having another Days of Y’Orr Photoshop Contest. Hopefully this can top the “Things Guy Boucher is Holding” expo we had lduring the 2010-2011 playoffs.

Send us your best (or worst) NHL Lockout Photoshops. It can be anything from making fun of Bettman, to movie posters, to what players are doing on their extra summer vacation to whatever else you crazy kids think of. 

Email the pics to daysofyorr@gmail.com. Either watermark your pic somehow or put in the email the name you want us to give credit to.

Winner gets a date with Greg…. or a Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Champions patch. Your choice.

Here’s a PS from Jon to get you going:

Gary bettman NHL Mamm said Lock You Out