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Photoshop fun: Tuukka Rask in the Finnish military

There’s no point to this post per say other than to show off the fun Photoshops we got from our friend Tiffany. Here’s her email:

arian (afgbruins21) and i were talking about tuukka in the finnish military – it’s mandatory conscription there, so he did his service while playing for tampere. there’s no actual photos of him FROM his time in the FAF (finnish air force) but it’s friday, i ain’t got no job, i ain’t got shit to do! do with as you wish 😀
– krejci’s bitch

And her photoshops:

Nice rain boots.

NESN had a feature on Rask’s experience in the Finnish military.

“The discipline,” Rask said when he was asked how it’s helped his game. “It’s kind of the same thing with sports. You have a team and you have a group of guys in the army and you all have to be on the same page and do the same things. If one or two guys are dropping off, it’s going to show right away.”