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POLL: Decide My NHL 14 “Live the Life” Position

This weekend I debuted our first NHL 14 video detailing some expectations of our Youtube channel. My first official ranked game was pretty good, I went up 2-0 in the first period and the guy quit out. I also handled Andrew Shaw with Shawn Thornton and rocked the Winter Classics uniforms. If you've missed my first video, you can catch it here: 

So yeah, you get the jist of what I'm going for. Some gameplay, some commentary, talk about bullshit and all that jazz. This year, NHL 14 has released a "Live the Life" mode, which looks like a stripped down version of NBA 2K's "My Player". This year, I want to get in on some Live the Life stuff for the channel. This is where our readers come in.

After the jump, poll time...

Below is a poll based on what position I should play. The only real position I don't want to play is defense, because defense in NHL is boring and I already play it in EASHL. Poll will run through tomorrow night when I think I'm going to set everything up. 


What position should I be in NHL 14 "Live the Life" mode
Left wing
Right wing


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Vote away. Like I said, I'll check it tomorrow night before I start and maybe get a video up sometime before Friday with a decision/rookie game and some commentary on the Bruins/Sabres game.

One can only hope that whatever position I am, I end up in Dallas so I can do some vodka shots with Tyler Seguin and run train on some puck sluts.