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Preseason Game #3: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins open up their first home preseason tonight against the Detroit Red Walkers Wings. 


As we talked about on #DOYLive last night, the NHL has had a bunch of ridiculous rule changes including: 

  • A penalty when a fighter removes his helmet before the fight
  • Hybrid icing
  • Jersey tuck penalty. 

Yeah, the NHL has a rule against having a fucking jersey tucked in. It's called as a 'delay of game' penalty, which is the the NHL's new label term for all arbitrary and shitty penalties. It was called last night in the Carolina Hurricanes' preseason game, as tweeted by Chip Alexander. 


How fucking lame is this league? Seriously – 2 minutes for having a jersey tucked in. I don't get it. I don't get what the point is and I don't think there's even been an explanation behind it. I'm waiting for the day when the NHL becomes the NFL and gives a 2 minute celebration penalty when a goal is scored. 

I mean, I guess you can thank Gary Bettman and the NHL GMs for that one. 


In case you missed it last night, we had Stanley Cup of Chowder's Tom Servo on #DOYLive. It was an awesome show and Tom really brought some knowledge to the table while mixing in some Corsi – AND WE ALL SURVIVED! It was a fantastic show all around. 

After the jump, projected lines and the return of a "legend"...

Projected Lines

The Bruins will be sending out this group tonight against the Red Wings. Gregory Campbell makes his return after breaking his leg in the Eastern Conference Finals, so it'll be nice to see him out there. Should the Bruins provide actual lines before the game, I'll update the post. 

Forwards: Gregory CampbellJordan CaronCraig CunninghamRob FlickMatt FraserJarome IginlaNick JohnsonDavid KrejciMilan LucicDaniel PailleCarl SoderbergRyan Spooner

Defensemen: Matt BartkowskiZdeno CharaDougie HamiltonTorey KrugAdam McQuaidZach Trotman.

Goaltenders: Chad JohnsonMalcolm Subban

Chara will play tonight, making it his preseason debut. It seems that Chad Johnson will get a chance to redeem himself after his abysmal performance in the preseason opener against Montreal. I would take this as Johnson's last chance to show everyone he's worthy of being the backup for Tuukka Rask. A poor performance tonight and this will be your Providence pairing. 

The Lucic-Krejci-Iginla line will be in tact tonight. Hope they show more flashes of brilliance. 


Puck Drop: 7pm EST
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub
Streams: Here

Gameday Image/Video

We should be happy tonight's game isn't on TV because then we wouldn't have to see dumb things like this: