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Preseason Game #5: Boston Bruins at Winnipeg Jets.

I hate preseason sports. 

Shocking that I hate something, right? I just don't get the point of them. Well, let me rephrase that – I get the point of them, I just can't get excited for them. I hate that the NHL never keeps preseason stats either. Go to the Bruins website and click on tonight's game and there's nothing. No stats and barely a recap for games. It's pathetic. 

My hatred for preseason sports (and this encompasses all sports, not just hockey) is only eclipsed by my hatred for All-Star games. There is nothing fun about an All-Star game. They're boring events where the players don't want to be there to begin with. The NFL Pro Bowl has saw a decline in viewers every year in the Pro Bowl, but they continue to trot out players a week before the Super Bowl so they can play a meaningless game of football. The NHL always has a terrible All-Star game but it's overlooked because the skills competition is so good. 

Anyways, the Bruins have two preseason games left – both against the Winnipeg Jets. I fucking hate the Winnipeg Jets but I'll wait until a meaningful game against them (though one could argue that Winnipeg will never play a meaningful game because they're absolute dogshit with an overrated and overpaid goaltender). 

Per usual, the game isn't on TV in the New England area because NESN is a horrible broadcasting company. I don't get it, they won't show us Bruins preseason games, but during the Bruins season they'll show every Red Sox preseason Grapefruit League game. Shit, they even show those horrible games against Boston College where the Red Sox trot out some little leaguers. It's bullshit. 

It's a good thing that #TeamDOY is here. 

The biggest piece of news about this game, for me, is that Claude said Niklas Svedberg will get a full game tonight vs Winnipeg. That's really the only thing I care about. I want to see how ends up being the second goaltender behind Tuukka Rask. 


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Projected Lines

Well, Julien stated that Friday's lineup is going to be as close to game ready as possible so tonight I think we'll see a few of the bubble guys like Nick Johnson get some time. Honestly though, I have no idea. As I write this, the Bruins are practicing and it's doubtful any lines have been released yet. 


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Streams: Bruins Hockey Night.

Feed My Children Tonight

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They're pretty boss. 

Gameday Video/Image

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