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Preseason Game 5 Recap: Bruins Somehow Lose

Welp, on paper, the Bruins were by far the better team, and in preseason that’s not nothing.  These are the types of things you hope the Bruins get out of the way in preseason, but how many times did we see this last year? Ineffectual power play, dominant play in the zone, but can’t score, stupid defensive errors at awful times.  But again, it’s preseason.  

To me the most concerning part of the game was seeing Kampfer go down, hopefully that won’t be anything long term.

At least those who couldn’t make it to the Garden got to see a preseason game actually air on NESN.  Now we just need to wait a week until we can watch another game on TV.

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Game notes:
-Hard to complain about the pressure that the Bruins were getting, too bad it was against Ottawa.  Being proud of that is akin to being proud of beating a school of down syndrome students in a spelling bee.

-Oh, Ottawa’s coach Paul Mclain has a fantastic mustache, he looks like a walrus.

-Bruins got a powerplay goal around the middle of the first period, and quite frankly, I didn’t know what to do with myself,  thankfully the Bruins rectified this by following it up with a terrible PP later in the period.

-It’s great hearing the commentators talking about Marchand’s antics over the summer.  

-Oh and speaking of commentators, where the hell is Jack Edwards, I want to hear his take on Marchand!

-Shots at the end of the period were 20-5 Bruins…god damn, poor Anderson.

-The Bruins start out the 2nd period with a minute long 2 man advantage, if you’re wondering how it was, just pull up any power play video of last year’s playoffs.

-Kelly gets boarded by Rundblad and shows good restraint, so as to not take a penalty and make it 4 on 4. Although, we probably would have been ok with Kelly if he jumped him, mostly because we wouldn’t have to watch another power play

-This power play at least looked good, still nothing to show for it though.

-Ottawa takes their second boarding penalty after Chara is nailed from behind by Foligno.  Lucic looks ready to kill someone, but holds himself back.  Really can’t say we blame him, want to keep those hands healthy for the season.

-Period ends with the Bruins beating Ottawa in shots 30-10, We can only imaging how bored Timmy is at this point.

-If preseason is any indication, Anderson will be the sole reason Ottawa does anything this season, great save on Marchand.

-Alfredsson catches Thomas sleeping and ties the game, Bruins need to score on these chances they’re getting.

-Brick made some comparison between Tim Thomas and Dennis Rodman…that’s an odd mental image.

-Kampfer goes down after getting hit into the boards, nothing dirty, looks like he tweaked his knee, not what you want to see during preseason!

-Ottawa almost takes a lead, but they forget that you can’t skate into the goalie while shooting, game still 1-1

-Paille can not score on the breakaway, some things never change.

-After a double minor on Peverly, Mcquaid decides to help out the Senators and tip a puck past Thomas, Senators up 2-1

Oh well, shit happens.  Just one more week until the season starts for real!