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PREVIEW: 3. Boston Bruins at New York Rangers


The Bruins are 2-0 on the season after curb stomping the Rangers and winning in exciting fashion against the Winnipeg Jets. A lot of people were worried that the team would come out to a slow start (like they did last year) and go on some sort of losing streak. Well fear not people because you're not the New York Rangers who are slowly becoming one of the most over-hyped teams to begin a season this short of the Washington Capitals. While the Bruins have a power play that wouldn't work with the opposing goalie pulled, the New York Rangers can't seem to get out of their own way. It's an amazing sight since the media was on their hands and knees giving mouth hugs to the Rangers because they signed Rick Nash. 

Instead, the Rangers pooped their pants on Saturday's opener in Boston, wiped their bums with sensitive wipes and then pooped their pants again at home against Pittsburgh on Sunday. It was so bad that "all world" (and resident Titanic on my fantasy hockey team) goalie Henrik Lundqvist was pulled in the first period against the Penguins.

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We can only hope that #Stunnedqvist returns tonight. 

Don't get me wrong, I expect the Rangers to bring it tonight. They're 0-2 and the city of New York is not forgiving when it comes to slow starts, slumps and anything related to Mark Sanchez. If they drop to 0-3, I'm pretty sure the citizens on New York will throw all of their trash on them from their 30th story apartment or whatever the hell they do, but it won't be pretty. 

The best thing about this? Everyone talked about the Rangers offense and goaltending coming into this season. Where does New York's offense currently reside? 25th overall with 2.00 goals per game. Their defense? 27th with 4.50 goals against per game (thanks for that 6 piece, Pittsburgh) and Lundqvist? Only 38th (out of 43 goalies) in GAA at 4.77 and 35th in SV% with a staggering .865. 

Their power play sucks (11.1% success, 25th overall) which is a little weird, considering that have players who can score goals (or actually, they can't). 

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It feels so good to have the Rangers suck so much. I would like to leave you with someone to remember us by Rags fans: 



Thoughts Tom? 

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And finally, my thoughts on Madison Square Garden:

burn it down



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Projected Rangers Lines

Who? – Overpaid – Overpaid/Over-hyped
Baby Groin – Who? – "Captain"
Ex-Hab – Sucks – Fuck you BC sucks
Thornton's Bitch – Who? – Go To Sleep

Ference's Bitch – LOL
The other Staal – Stralman
Overpaid – Stu Pickles


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