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PREVIEW 9: Bruins vs. Habs — Battle for First in the Northeast


Three weeks into the regular season and we finally get a chance to see our old buddies up north, the Montreal Candiens. Many expected the team to put on a shitshow on the ice second only to the Toronto Maple Leafs. instead the Habs are 6-2-0 and a point behind Boston for lead in the Northeast… and the East for that matter.

Habs have had some big(ish) moves, mainly buying out Scott "No Goal" Gomez who is now working on the San Jose Sharks PP unit. The Habs have also Rene Bourque who struggled with Montreal last year but has been a bit of a beast for the team so far this season. He had 8 points in 38 games in the 2011-2012 season; this year he has 5 points in 8 games, so good for you Montreal. You got a Bourque who can score.

Speaking of "good for you", the Habs finally re-inked PK Turtle Subban to a two year deal worth pretty such shit. Not sure why PK was holding out if he was just going to take an awful contract anyways, but there ya good. That's some good GMIng right there. But to counter-balance that good deal the team has outlawed the "Triple Low 5" that Price and Subban do after wins because MONTREAL HATES FUN. Way to run the kid out of town, Montreal. Not that they know anything about that… right, Patrick Roy?

Oh, and PK gave himself a nickname — Subbanator — which might be the douchiest thing to happen since Carey Price tried growing a mustache.

Listen, Carey. You're name isn't Freddie Mercury. You can't pull that shit off.

But going back to PK's nickname, there was one suggested on twitter that we think should really catch on:

I choose you!!!!


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Let's Travel Down Memory Lane:

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Projected Lines: 

We think Marchand will play. He was in the second-line yellow jersey in Tuesday's practice. There will be no Thornton or Paille, though. And pretty sure Krecji will be all set as well, so don't think we'll see Ryan Spooner suited up quite yet. Sorry Provy fans! Maybe we're wrong?????

UPDATE: Now it sounds like Marchand won't suit up. Spooner time.

Updated the projected lines based on the morning skate… can't believe PROVO-LINE is a thing now.

Lucic – Krejci – Horton
Seguin – Bergeron – Marchand Campbell
Peverley – Kelly – Bourque
Tardiff – Campbell  Spooner- MacDermid

Chara – Boychuk
Seidenberg – Hamilton
Ference – McQuaid


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Game Day Video/Photo:

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