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Probable Bruins’ Opening Dates


The NHL is back and mostly everyone is excited about it. The only thing that really remains the a schedule coming out. Haggs blogged about some potentially important dates for the Bruins:

The Black and Gold are expected to open their season playing the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre on Jan. 19 and will hold their home opener at the Garden against Phil Kessel and the Toronto Maple Leafs in an MLK Day matinee on Jan. 21.

So it looks like the Bruins will open the season on the road against the Canadiens on the 19th and at home against Toronto on the 21. The worst part about their home opener? It's a matinee game and we know how the Bruins do on 1pm games. 

While a schedule hasn't officially been released, there's a few things we do know: 

  • It's a 48 game schedule
  • There will be 7 games each against divisonal opponents
  • The remaining Eastern Conference teams will have home-and-home games
  • There will likely be no games vs the West

You know who will be very excited about the NHL coming back? NBCSN. They're ratings have been AWFUL without the NHL. You know who will be pissed about the NHL coming back? The 5 people who have watched the millions (AND MILLIONS) of hunting and fishing shows that company has had to broadcast throughout this 113 day lockout.