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“Game Day” – All Star Game and Some Links

Days of Y’Orr crew is having a busy, but interesting weekend. Went to a Shawn Thornton autograph signing and got Justin’s Shawn Thor(nton) picture signed. Thornton got a kick out of it. Then we told him he was the third greatest NHL player of all time again and he thanked us for putting him ahead of Gretzky. He jokingly said we might be a bit demented if we believed that but he appreciated the notion. Thornton is a super nice guy. Seriously, if you ever see him at a signing he’s great. Very friendly, especially to the younger fans, and doesn’t mind idiots like us.

One of the Days of Y’Orr staff members was on the same hotel bus as a Minnesota Wild scout. A discussion about Phil Kessel was had. Hilarity ensued.

Tonight is the All-Star game. Greg has already made our feelings abundantly clear in regards to some of the festivities going on.

The “Fantasy Draft” aspect was intriguing and fun in some ways. Hilarious that Phil Kessel got picked last. He can say whatever he wants but we know that in at least some small way it bothers him. Can’t believe he even got picked for the game. He’s not even the best player on his team this season. 

The draft also saw the Sedin twins get split up and Chara and Thomas ended up on different teams. Thomas is probably looking forward to shutting down his teammate.

One of the many, many awesome things about Tim Thomas is that he goes all out in everything he does. Watch when he’s in net today. All the other players will be coasting around because its a meaningless All-Star game and Thomas will be playing his balls off. It gets personal when someone scores on him, no matter what game it is. And that is why we’re pumped about the Bruins Cup chances. We’re just looking forward to real hockey resuming again.

After the jump…. Thomas falls, Chara blasts and we get ready for those stupid Guardians……

The All-star festivities kicked off in hilarious, awesome and terrifying style for the Bruins. Tim Thomas was entered into the fastest goalie competition against Cam Ward. Both goalies came out in full pads and raced.  We collectively shit our pants when Thomas fell, ha. Whole season flashed before our eyes. But he got right back up and was fine. We then immediately blamed Robb and whipped him. Not sure why.

Thomas still almost won despite falling. What a competitor.

Chara reigned supreme again during the hardest shot competition. Shea Weber beat him head to head in the first round, but once the finals came Chara was all business. Weber put a shot past 104mph and looked to have sealed the victory. Chara’s holds the record at 105.4 mph. Chara decided to beat Weber. And himself.

Chara stepped up and blasted a shot that clocked in at 105.9mph, taking hold bragging rights and the title. Again. No point in even entering this competition anymore for the rest of the NHL. Chara is king. Chara’s little buddy Tyler Seguin was in the competition as well, registering a high of around 97mph. Not bad at all Mr. Seguin.

As for the game itself, should be another one of those 7-5 games because no one is trying and no goalie but Tim Thomas is really trying to make saves because they don’t want to get hurt.

We’re throwing our allegiance behind Team Lidstrom. Eric Staal and Alex Ovechkin are two of our least favorite players in the league. Plus Team Staal has Carey Price. That just puts the douche quota over the top. We’re sorry Chara, but we’re going with Timmy. A potential defensive pairing of Kris Letang and Zdeno Chara does intrigue us. Still, Go Team Lidstrom!

Based on how absolutely awful the Guardians have been so far, we’re “looking forward” to see what whatever awful villain they’re going to face looks like. 

The Guardians are supposed to “debut” during one of the intermissions and if you have a 3D TV they’re supposed to come into your living room! One of the many, many reasons we’re glad we DON’T have a 3D TV. We’re thinking this is going to be a train wreck. We’re sure we’ll have something about it tomorrow. Until then, Go Team Lidstrom and enjoy the All-star game!

Here’s some links for you to enjoy today:

– Joe Haggerty discusses how absolutely awesome Tim Thomas is.
– Puck Daddy has a good spoof on the Guardians, covering NHL teams that no longer exist.
– Boston.com has a Q&A with Mr. Mark Recchi.
– The NHL continues to discuss head shots and concussions, but is likely still too stupid to do anything about it.