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Rally the men…

It’s time to rally the men, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s time to raise your colors and standards and to let trumplets blaze. Time to pick up your swords and shields and wield it in any way you see fit — to cut down your enemy or protect your brethren.

For there is no tomorrow. There is no next time.

There is no dawn unless we get through the night.

Life offers no guarantee of a second chance, my friends. It makes no promises and holds no favorites. Glory is for those who earn it — for those who sweat for it and bleed for it, who believe in it, and who scratch and claw away at every possible chance until — through the soot and dirt — they see that slight glimmer of hope. The diamond of life — Opportunity.

It is only then can glory be harvested. It is only then can men leave the realm of myth and into legend. To see immortality before oneself can be an awe-inspiring experience.

Some men tremble, letting the soft earth beneath them quake and shake their very foundation untilt they’re no more than a puddle of piss.

Other men — men of mettle, of steel and of iron — march forward through the fog of war. They see immortality as a precious jewel that belongs to them. They soar while others fall.

Songs and ballads are not sung for those who sit idly by and watch life pass them like a summer’s breeze. They’re reserved for the heroes and gods of this world — for the men who raised themselves above the commonfolk and into the Pantheon of their choosing.

But it won’t be easy. Nor should it.

It’s time to see what mettle rests in our hearts, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s time to ready the men.

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