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Rask Pitches a Tent. I Mean Shutout. Sorry. Shutout. BRUINS WIN!

So, where was that kind of defensive effort the last few times the B's faced the Capitals? Who cares. It was there last night.

It was hilarious watching that game and seeing how many Caps players are absolutely terrified of getting hit. So hilarious. 

Anyway, Bruins are awesome, the Crapitals suck fat ones and we're off to play Stick of Truth again. Phrasing.

– We would like to personally thank the Washington Capitals. With the playoffs coming up it is important to get as much rest as you can for the best players on your team. Last night the Capitals let Rask nap for almost three full periods. It was awesome. He must be SO rested and energetic today. We got this great shot of Rask in his crease last night:

– Bruins defense is also to thank for letting Rask rest. One of the best defensive games they've played all season. They smothered the Caps like Dustin Byflugien smothers…well, pretty much anything. Fatty. Through two periods they kept the Washington Ovechkins to single digit shots. Amazing.

And much to the disbelief of McQuaid supporters, they once again did it without him.

– Gregory Campbell is on a four game goal streak. Richard Trophy is his to lose!

– Always love Iginla's effort. He didn't score but he was DANGEROUS all night. 

– Loui's goal was a beauty. The patience he had to not immediately shoot was great. It was so pretty it gave us tinglies in our giblets.

– Bergeron, Marchand and Reilly were a wrecking crew. They made the Caps MISERABLE every time they were on the ice together. Bruins might be the only team in the league where the real first line is on the second line.

– We miss you Mark Recchi! You're ridiculously awesome. And we just get lost in your baby blues.

– Bruins were basically school yard bullies with the puck. They played keep away all night and left the Caps crying for their momma's!

– South Park: Stick of Truth

– Stupid Smarch weather!

– Recchi, we LOVE you. Seriously, we do. But after the puck drop you were completely invisible on the ice.

– People who won't/don't get sarcasm.

– Alex Ovechkin is an amazing goal scorer. One of the best the NHL has ever seen. But he's a terrible captain. How does someone so lazy get a C on their jersey? And Caps fans, don't give that "his teammates say he's great" shit. They're hockey players. A game where a Habs player doesn't dive is less rare than a hockey player publicly bashing a teammate. You don't call out the guys that you go into battle with publicly. He fucking sucks as a leader.

– I miss the days when Your Momma jokes were popular. We need you now more than ever Biz Markie.

– Absolutely devastated that this movie had to be canceled 😦

– Loui is too skinny. Some get that man about 10 pizzas.

– Reporters who will write an article like "Bruins Struggles Over" after one good defensive game or "Bruins Badly Need Better D" after one bad defensive game. One game is not a trend you dummies. Hell, two games isn't even a trend. Shut your cock holsters.

– Can Bruins keep up this awesome defensive play, or will they continue to struggle?

– Is there any way to cure Cam Neely of the brain washing Jacobs gave him?

– Oh, and before I forget, shut up.