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Rask strong but Bruins lose, 2-1 OT

Bruins dropped their first preseason game of the year. NBD.

Bruins were able to kill a 6-on-4 PP for the few seconds it happened (that’s not a typo).

Great to see Shawn “Wayne” Thornton back on the ice. Don’t be fooled. He could’ve scored on that slapshot if he wanted, but he felt like boosting MacDermid’s confidence a bit and let him burry the rebound for a goal.

Also, let it be known that the first Bruins goal of the new season had #22 with the helper. When Twos brings home the Art Ross trophy at the end of the season, you can pinpoint this game as the start.

More on last night’s game after the jump…

Tuukka Rask preseason save
Rasked looked strong, not dropping to his knees like a pornstar at every possible moment. Like Thomas last year, Tuukka has a chip on his shoulder this season. We expect him to be extra focused and to bring his A-game this season. He had 34 saves on 36 shots.

Bruins Senators
TSN doesn’t allow embedded video but you can watch highlights here. Tell them DOY sent ya.

Reaction from last nights game:

Bruins get back at it tomorrow night. Team DOY is still waiting for our season tickets to come in. Really hoping this isn’t another Shawn Thornton jersey fiasco. Oy.