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Recap 2.0: Grand Canyon Jealous of Bryz’ Gaping Five Hole. BRUINS WIN!


Joomla ate my first recap. I am upset….


That's right Philadelphia, fuck you. You just got your ass handed to you and it was glorious. Literally one of the best things I've seen the Bruins do this season. I…I got nothing beyond seeing red. 

Fucking christ. I'm so pissed. Here's your recap. 


jesus caron

– Jordan Caron comes out of left field like Jesus and immediately makes the third line relevant. I hope Swedish Chef was taking notes because Caron played a really good game. He was blocking shots, assisting on goals and making those two corpses known as Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly useful. Amazing isn't it? 


– Rask was pretty good. Didn't have to go out of his way and be Superman. Hopefully this shuts people up about Khudobin playing more. Rask is a #1 goalie. 

– Seguin was awesome again tonight. He played on both ends of the ice in a big way – scoring a power play goal against Bryzgalov and then making a tremendous save when Rask came out of his crease to play the puck in the third period. 

Thornton fight

– Shawn Thornton gave Zach Rinaldo the business. Rinaldo's hit on Boychuk wasn't even dirty (surprisingly, I know), but there was something Thornton didn't like about it so he took him to task. Fuck and yes. 

– Whoever was in charge of the music at the Garden. Pantera? Drowning Pool? Godsmack? Motley Cru? Velvet Revolver? It was like NESN was oozing some great tunes during faceoffs. I also didn't hear one note of Dropkicks, which made it even better. I'm sure they played it, but I didn't hear it so it doesn't count to me! 

– Bryzgalov being on the Flyers


– Bruins power plays scoring goals. If this continues to happen, the Bruins are going to be super dangerous. 

bruins PP scared


– Joomla

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– Your mother
         – I'm kidding, she's probably a super lady


– How long will DOY be on Bloguin after I openly complain to them on Twitter about Joomla? 

– Would you rather be a Flyers fan or have HIV? 

– Seriously, how long? I give us 6 months hours. 

– hitler