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RECAP: Blow Lead in the Third? It’s Called Bruins. Bruins Lose.





Bruins lose three on the road for first time this season and have done it by blowing leads in the third period. Like we said, yikes.

At the moment the Bruins have no killer instinct when they get the lead. There's no putting teams out of their misery. At the moment the Bruins are getting leads and sitting on them like a mother hen waiting for her chicks to hatch. You can't do that in the NHL. You can't let teams just hang around. You gotta stomp them out as quick as possible. Then again it's hard to press the skate to the neck when only one line can score consistenly.

Right now the Bruins are operating with one good offensive line, one checking/energy line, and two clouds. And the defense are turning pucks over in all three zones. Hard to win games and score more goals when you're constantly having to chase down pucks your defenders are hanging over.

As for last night, Winnipeg looked like the hungier team as the game went on. Bruins were content with their one, flukey bounce goal while the Jets weren't going to accept a loss. Bruins were more than willing to accept another loss.

Remember when the third period was the Bruins period? We don't. It hasn't been in for at least a month now.


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– Bruins "Second" line flying after Wheeler's shot hit the post early in the game. Bergeron robbed by this beautiful save by Pavelec

– Spooner looked good in his second game. Had some shots on net, winning face offs. Julien had Pevz take the d-zone face offs. Smart move. Keep pressure off Spooner. Spooner might've gottena  point if he didn't have two anchors weighing him down on the wings.

– "Chateau Bow-Wow" — Edwards

– Eight second in the second and Marchand continues his scoring ways. His hands are so quick and that's what she said.

A funky bounce goes right to Marchand.

– Bergy's line. Hardest working line in the NHL. 

– Pavelec against the Bruins. He's awful 99% of the season and then he plays Boston.

– Rask was also solid all night. Little offensive help. 

– Buffalo beat Montreal.


– "I'm surprised McQuaid fell awkwardly into the boards"– Said No One Ever.

Adam McQuaid head injury

He didn't come back after this. Looks like a separate shoulder. Ouch. Enter Aaron Johnson stage left.

– Bruins power play was awful. Couldn't score against Jets awful PK. No shots on first two PPs.

– Jets fans stupid booing. But then again there's not much to cheer about up there… except for last night's game. Ugh. Fucking Jets.

– The Jets PP is one of the worst in the league (worse than Boston's) and yet they got a PP goal against Boston's league best PK. Awful.

Why can't we have guys like Wheeler?

– This asshole

– Soft Bruins defense right after that. Three Bruins in front of the crease and no one helps Rask clear the rebound. Kane buries goal.

– Caron's showcase hasn't gone that well. He's getting outmuscled everywhere.

– Bruins with the goalie pulled at the end of the game. Like the Pens they don't know what to do with the extra man. Give up empty-netter. Here's what that final 1:30 looked like:

– This stat




– With Gears of War: Judgement out, will we ever see Greg again?

– Will the Bruins ever hold onto a lead again?

– When will Chia make a fucking move?