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RECAP: Boston On Top of the Northeast, But Still Have Demons to Exorcise. BRUINS WIN!


Another ugly win for the Bruins last night. Sure a win is a win is a win, two points is two points and all those sports cliches, but how many times have we seen the Bruins truly dominate a team this year? Once? Twice? They're on top of the Northeast Division and second in the Eastern Conference and they've done it by playing some pretty crappy and ugly hockey for most of the season. That's probably the most annoying and frustrating part we all know this team can do better. They're four points from the top seed and we're all bitching 'cause we know this team can be better. It's unreal.

The game started off awful with all the penatlies called against Boston but then they scored two shorties and Boychuk forced a short-handed penalty shot, so it looked great. And then the second period came and Bruins went back to turning the puck over and playing silly hockey. And when it became 4-3 we all thought Here we go again! and then Seguin scored and we felt slightly better and then Marty got pulled, Devils scored again and we thought Fuuuuuck, it's coming! Luckily it didn't.

Haven't heard anyone complain about Khudobin for letting in four goals but we hear complaints all the time when Tuukka lets in two. Not saying Khudobin is a bad goalie or the goals were all his fault. Not at all. Just amusing to see people have their targets on Tuukka for no real apparent reason. The "He hasn't proven himself" is the silliest complaint thrown at good goalies. Such an empty phrase.

But I digress…

Jagr looked fantastic. He has five points in his first four games with the Bruins. Paille has had one of his best season of his career (Thanks, Buffalo!) and even Andrew Ference is heating up int he point department. All good signs. Even Campbell's scoring now since he teamed up with Jagr. Who knew Double J was the missing piece to Soups career?

Bad sign is the taking the foot off the gas. The Bruins keep saying they gotta stop doing that but they never learn. We're 38 games into the 48 game season — how many more fuck ups do they need?

Bruins also lost Brad Marchand to a wicked elbow to the head. He was battered and bruised all game and then Volchenkov gave him the coup de grace. Volchenkov has a phone hearing this morning with Brendan Shanahan. Should be a suspension (3-4 games our guess), but who knows anymore. He made no attempt to play the puck.

After the jump… the good, the bad and the lingering questions — and a lot of Supernatural references….


– Jagr. So good he makes Campbell look like a first line center.

Dude fends off four Devils, gets a shot on net and then Soups buries it.

– Boychuk hustling out of the box to draw a short-handed penalty shot.

Wasn't expecting a goal, but he tried. We ❤ Johnny.

And to be fair, the Bs weren't going to do much if the Devils went a man down.

– Paille for Seventh Player. Nice shorty.

– Andrew Ference with a shot that bounces off Campbell for a shorthanded goal, his second of the night.

Ference: So good he makes Campbell look like a first line center… wait a second…

– Bruins PPG. So many nifty passes between Jagr, Seguin and Krejci. Good thing they didn't turn that over since Chara was working on his net-front presence.

Jagr: So good he makes the Bruins PP look legit

MacJagr… he can fix Boston's powerplay with only a hockeytape and a hairclip.

– Bruins had Bordeur in a demon trap that entire first. Sadly they had to break it for intermission. 

– Paille with a sweet dish to Seguin.

Paille for Seventh Player Award.

Paille for All the Player Award



– Bruins-Devils on Rivalry Night. Seriously, NBC? This is worse than the Bruins-Rangers Rivalry Night.

– The refs calling everything a penalty. Maybe they realized it would've been a snoozefest otherwise.

– This stat


– Ference still turning pucks over that lead to goals against.

– Volchenkov with a classic Macho Man Randy Savage elbow to Marchand's head

– Unfortunately Lucic was playing. We only know 'cause his turnover led to a late shorthanded goal against.

– Chris Kelly is the leader for the "Luis Mendoza For Kids Who Don't Skate Good" award.

– Not an official Bruins game unless they make fans shit themselves about whether or not they'll blow another lead.


– Marty Brodeur embellishing the hell out of the Seguin tap. Awful.

– The D'Agostin goal with :37s left in the game.

No idea why Looch was out there at the end of the game. Also no idea why the d-men decided to leave Looch to defend in front of the net by himself. He was outnumbered.

– All the Habs fans and the Marchand Karma bullshit. Same ones that probably drop the word "classy," too. Asshats.

– The idiots who wanted Jordan Caron to run a Devils player after Marchand got hit. Jordan fucking Caron. Seriously? To what end? Do you even know who Caron is?


– Who did more blowing tonight — the refs or Jon's mom?

– How many goals does Boston need to score before it's numerical improbable for them to blow it?

– Should we be excited Bruins are in first in the Northeast or pissed that they played like crap and still won?