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RECAP: Boston Plays Like Dogshit in Third. Bruins lose.


Awful game. Absolutely awful game. After dominating the first two periods the Boston Bruins came out into the third period and took a huge John Scott size dump on the ice. Buffalo scores three unanswered goals and win 4-2. Ugh. This loss is worse than the one on Jan 31st. In that game both sides of the ice were an absolute shitshow for Boston. Tonight's was just infuriating. There's no reason they shouldn't have won tonight.

Props to Ryan Miller for carrying the team on his back tonight. Without Miller being spectacular the Bruins lead 5-1 after two, not that it would've mattered the way the defense looked in the third.

Bruins lost their first game in regulation with Chris Bourque in the line-up. The streak is over, the magic has ended. It's a sad day in Mudville. Guess we should start taking that 48 banner down from the rafters.

More after the jump where we rage and rage and rage…

– Douglas Hamilton. Dougie gets two points tonight including his first NHL goal, a power play goal no less. Alas, the Bruins are winless when Dougie scores a goal. Trade him. /sarcasm

– Third Line.  Peverly had five shots. Bourque had four shots. Kelly had only 1 but the Third Line had the most shots on net, so nice work I guess. Pevz scored the go-ahead goal in the second and that was it for Boston.

– First two periods. Bruins owend the first two periods.They had the momentum. They were winning the small battles. They had the better scoring chances and outshot the Sabres 29-16 after two. Ryan Miller looked like he was starring in a bukkake video the Bruins were putting pucks at his face so much.

– Bruins Power Play. Holy shitsnacks they actually scored a PP goal. Too bad it's overshadowed by the third period play. Bruins went 1-2 on the Power Play. Not sure if they hit the 10% success mark yet, but it's a small step in the right direction. Boston had Ryan Miller crawling around like a blind drunk looking for his cane when they scored.

Need more of that from Boston.

– The meteor that burned up over Russia. Because science, motherfuckers!


– Patrice Bergeron. Bergy had 5 shots on net and wakes up every morning realizing he's Patrice Motherfucking Bergeron.

– The Third Period. Boston let in three unanswered goals, which is the same number of shots the Bruins got in the third period.

– Andrew Ference. Captain Planet is struggling right now. He's in a contract year and says he wants to stay in Boston after all the blood, sweat and tears he's shed for the team and there's no doubting that or the leadership he can provide Boston. But he's looked more like'07-'09 Ference and not '11 Ference. He needs to tighten his shit up if he wants to be wearing a spoked-B come October.

He's going to donate trees for Seguin goals but maybe he should think about donating trees for goals he's on the ice for and/or turnovers at the blueline/neutral zone, 'cause he'd build a rainforest if he did. Also, Seguin isn't scoring anything but prom proposals right now.

– Zdeno Chara. Chara's also looking rougher than us after a wild Saturday night. We haven't seen Chara look so un-Chara like in a long while. He seems to be fighting the game instead of locking down opposing team's offensive threats. He's turning the puck over a lot and today was caught up ice finishing a check at the offensive blue line while Buffalo went on a breakout to score. 


– Adam McQuaid. Two bad penalties. No good Quaider.

– Tyler Seguin. Score. Seriously. Just fucking score. We're 12 games into the regular season and the whole "he's adjusting back to the NHL" has run it's course. Patrick Kane was bending goalies over and slapping them on their asses as soon as he hit state-side so the "adjusting" excuse is just that. Get your shit together and put pucks in the net.

– David Krecji. He had an assist but he also had 0 shots on net. Not a single shot . Jack Edwards said something about him bending time and space, though.

If only Krejci could've gone back in time to put a shot on net.

– First line. The first line was a combined -6 tonight and managed only 4 shots. Chris Bourque had as many as shots as the first line.

– What the fuck did we just watch?

– How did Team DOY do in the first DOY Pregame Show Live?

– How many goals will I score for the Whalers in my EMRHL debut?