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RECAP: Boston Plays Tough but Outworked. Bruins Lose.


Rough loss for the Bruins in what can be looked as one of those "scheduled losses." Playing the Pens on the road on the tail end of back-to-back games twice in one week is awful scheduling by the NHL and just plain ol' tough titties for Boston. It was a hard played game by both sides. Not many mistakes were made but the ones that were cost the Bruins a potential point or two.

Julien said he wasn't disappointed with his team's efforts. We wished we saw stronger forechecking, more physical play by all four lines and a bit more sense of urgency against a Pens defense which is suspect at best and without Letang for most of the game. Didn't happen. Pens outworked Boston. Simple as that.

Where that's just two lost points the real loss may be that of David Krejci who took a Johnny Rocket right above the kneecap. He was helped off the ice but later seen walking onto the bus. 


Bruins say he'll travel with the team. So did Kelly and we know how that turned out. After the game some fans were ready with pitchforks and torches to go hunt down Boychuk (probably not a smart idea, kiddies), and also assumed the worse because Boston and reasons. But let's wait until the team doctors figure out what's wrong before people jump on their own daggers, shall we?

Also that injury totally was a buzzkill. Destroyed the momentum the team was building on trying to tie the game up.



– Rask stoning Sid on a breakaway

– Nathan Horton was hungy for another goal today. Had some good looks and wicked wristers but none found the twine. We'll give him an A for effort.

– Seguin's goal. The "second" line is just unreal. Boychuk's shot gets blocked and finds an open Seguin who loves that side of the ice.  Very Stamkos-esque when he's by that left faceoff circle.

They're on a different level this season.

– Decent effort from the Bruins, though not as good as against the Caps. Then again… Pens > Caps. 

That's it. It was mostly a defensive struggle with minimal amount of excitement. Should come to be expected when both teams have tired legs.

– Oh and our pregame show today was pretty fucking awesome.


– NBC saying Hendricks got Horton off his game yesterday. Someone show them Horton's stat line from the Caps game.

Yup. Totally fucked up Horton's game. He was so awful until Hendricks tried starting shit and then he rememebered how to play hockey… wait…

– Bruins let Crosby burn them on a breakaway mid-first but Rask stoned him. But Sid wouldn't be denied this second time. 

– Pens second goal. Initial shot redirects off Ference's knee. Rask gets a glove on it but doens't squeeze and leaves a juciy rebound for Pens to take late first lead.

Rask hasn't let in many soft goals this year but that was one of them. Brutal. And the game winner to boot.

– According to NBC intermission report the Penguins were facing the Penguins and Crosby had beautiful assists on Crosby's goals.

Took thirty minutes of intermission report before they mention Marchand for 3 minutes. Rather hear more about Kunitz's stellar year than more Crosby fellating.

– Marchand hurt Letang on this play… somehow. Not sure how but that's the word from Pens fans during the game.

– Pierre McGuire bitching about Crosby's high stick on Boychuk. Apparently they forgot that you're responsible for your own stick at all times.

– The "no gloving" on a faceoff is worse than the "over the glass delay of game" penalty. The fucking worst.

– Boychuk's shot off Krejci. Krejci leaps and gets nailed in the knee. Not good. Fans mob mentality against Boychuk is even worse. He usually keeps his shots low and hard (hence Krejci jumping). Sometimes shots don't go where you want them.

Poor Boychuk got anvils dropped on him during the Caps game and then injures Krejci today. Guy had a rough weekend. Hope he gets a day off tomorrow.

– Bruins in that final minute and a half. They looked like a circus act trying to get the puck into the offensive zone.




– What's up with Boston's knees?

– Will the Bruins ever beat the Penguins?

– Does anyone know if Pizz survived his party last night?

– Has anyone bought a DOY Flying Bear t-shirt yet?

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