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RECAP: Bruins LIK Habs in Preseason Opener… Am I Right?

Sure. It's only a preseason game, but any time the Bruins beat the Habs, it's a good day. Doesn't matter if it's mostly NHLers or mostly AHLers doing it.

And tonight's win was pretty.

Jarome Iginla had two goals on six shots (the dude's willing to shoot all night and day). Lucic had three assists. Krejci was the slacker of the LIK line with only one goal. What a bum, right?

Speaking of bums… Chad Johnson…

Bruins also had four PPGs tonight. Unreal. Don't expect that pace to continue all season, but the fact that the PP looked that good tonight is promising. Krug had two PPA.

The first Battle of the Subbans goes to Boston. Suck it, Montreal.

After the jump… the good, the bad, the lingering questions…

– Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla had a nice debut as a Bruin. Two goals on six shots. He said he likes to shoot and man did he. He was always looking for a seam to the net when the puck was on his stick. We wish we saw this in the spring but glad it's happening now.

Goal #1

Goals #2

By the way, Iginla has now tied Jagr for goals as a Boston Bruins.

– Milan Lucic had three assists and two PPAs. Looks like he's clicking with Iginla pretty well.

– Malcolm Subban. 0.00 GAA. 1.00 SV%. Make him the #1.

– Torey Krug making a strong case to be part of the Bruins starting lineup in October and not a healthy scratch. He was a PP force for Boston in the playoffs and he was the same tonight. It's something the Bruins have been in dire need of since the Savard-era ended. People question his defensive game, but he's solid enough and not sure how you can pass up a guy who's so dynamic offensively on the PP.

Just pretend this is Price and Mayer

Hell, according to the NHL, Krug is a Norris Trophy Finalist.

– Bruins PP — 4 for 6. Jeebus.

– Nick Johnson. No clue who he is, but he had two goals tonight for the Bs.  

We also haven't seen that many Johnsons in one place since Jon's bachelor party when the stripper company got things mixed up…

– Spooner had only one assist but he was skating really well. Strong contender for the third line.

– Daniel Paille not scoring on a breakaway. Why is this a "Positive?" Because it means hockey's back, baby.

– Chad Johnson.  Let in three goals on eight shots. He needed a better showing tonight if he wants to be Tuukka's backup. I've seen better save percentages in roller hockey. Awful.

Remember: For $200K more they could've brought Khudobin back…

– Carey Price. Still overated.

– That fight between McQuaid and Fournier.

"Hey, you wanna go?"



– Soderberg. Looked a little lost out there. Two penalties and not much else.

– Nathan Horton Who?

– Has Chad Johnson already played himself to Providence?

– Is it wrong to be this excited about the Bruins PP?

– Is Nick Johnson the dark horse candidate for the third line?