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RECAP: Bruins lose 7-5 to Providence, wait for Boston Media to Meltdown Over It


Things started off bad for Boston and ended bad for Boston but it was an entertaining Black & Gold scrimmage. Fans got their money worth in the high scoring 7-5 game. It was great to see hockey back at the Garden.

– Not sure about anyone else but I'm already on board the Chris Bourque train. Three point night for Raymond's Son.


– Think it was awkward when Chris Bourque went to the box and sat down next to the STHer with his dad's jersey on?

More game recap after the jump…

– Krecji had a nice goal. Trade him. Am I doing that right?

– Before the game Thornton was asked if he would get in a fight during the scrimmage. He didn't say no. Alas, it wasn't him that dropped the gloves, though he looked ready at one point.

– Max Sauve had like a zillion points.


– Bruins took like a 100 penalties in the first. Marchand's "Delay of Game" penalty was spectacular, sending the puck clear across the ice. It's cool though 'cause he scored later on.

– People gave Tuukka the full Patrick Roy tonight.

– Others just left for reasons…

– Fight in a scrimmage against your AHL Affiliate? It's called Bruins Hockey. Not sure if this counts as McQuaid throwing his head into something or not.

– Bruins PP looks to be in mid-season form.


– Pouliot was a total ghost out there.

– I really hope people got that sarcasm.

– Dougie was shaky but that's to be expected. He'll get there eventually, even if it's not this year.

– Providence got a standing-O at the end of the game. They earned it.

– Can't wait for Bourque to score a hattie against the Penguins this year. Bank it.

– Also can't wait for the Boston Media to melt down over this game. Oh wait…


Final Take: Seriously, guys. It's a scrimmage. Providence been playing all year. Bruins three days into camp. Every team is in the same boat. Least Boston had 12 guys over seas to keep the skills somewhat sharp. Gotta expect these guys to be out of sync. They looked fantastic in the second period where they seemed to have some renewered energy and had a nice comeback in the third after going down three goals. Let's also not forget that physicality is a huge part of the Bruins game and hitting was at a minimum tonight. Bare, bare minimum. 

But now we get to watch Boston Media shit themselves over tonight's practice game loss.