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RECAP: Bruins Play Full 60, Bully Caps All Over the Ice. BRUINS WIN!


About flippin' time. We're more than halfway through the season and we finally get to see the Boston Bruins absolutely bully their way to victory. And holy helly does it feel good.

After being on paid leave or something, the "First" line finally looked like the first line for Boston scoring all but one of Boston's goal and combined for nine points (not including the own goal). This is exactly why the Bruins need the Horton-Krejci-Lucic line to play their game and play hard. When that threesome starts pushing their weight around and making things happen, Boston dominates. Simple as that. We think this is the first time we actually saw the Bruins play like the Bruins. And with that said Boston improved to 19-4-3. Scary thought for the rest of the East, eh?

Besides the first line finally tossing up some points and banging bodies there were plenty of fisticuffs to go around… because St. Paddy's Day and reasons…

Also, Bruins are undefeated during matinee games this season.

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– Rene's Outfit. Always styling.

Rene Rancourt St. Patrick's Day tux

– Ference's t-shirt from before the game

– Bruins honoring Adam Oates' HoF induction

– "First line" came to play:

Horton rocked Fehr

After Looch fucking over his goal against the Panthers, Horton finds the back of the net against the Caps. Looch with a nice steal and a solid pass. Horton buries it.

Krejci's goal. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

– We've teamed up with SupahFans to release the DOY Flying Bear in t-shirt form. Get one here.

Days of Y'Orr Flying Bear t-shirt

– Planet a tree mother fuckers. Ference scores! Happy Birthday, Andrew.

And another point for Krejci.

– Another solid game by Khudobin. Several big saves.

– Bruins PK. Killed 24 straight penalties.

– Marchand vs. Ribeiro

Fact: No one is better at ducking punches than Brad Marchand. Love everything about that fight.

And congrats to Ribero on his first NHL fight. About fucking time.

Also, here's an pic of Ribeiro after his fight with Marchand:

– Then right after Horton vs. Hendricks. This was building up all game. Hendricks was in the middle of how many scrums? Finally they go at it. Horton puts Hendricks down and then picks him up just like that Planet Fitness commercial.

– PPG For Rich Peverley! 

That goal was so dirty Seguin got a boner over it.

Guy was a fucking machine in the face off circle, too.

– Milan Lucic with a career high 3 assists. When he plays, Looch is unstoppable. He needs to play more often, so we can all rub it in Greg's face for fun.

– The dude that made the crying face to Ribeiro

Ribero cry

– Hendricks had two choice. Fight Thornton or fight McQuaid. He made the smart choice but still got his ass kicked.

This moment was pretty good:


– Those St. Paddy's Day jerseys

B’s will wear themed St. Paddy’s Day jerseys in warm ups before today’s game #nhlbruins #StPatricksDay

– People who think it's Patty's. It's not. Get with it.

– Krecji with a two goal game. Sadly this second goal he shoots off Boychuk for an own-goal.

Friendly fire. It happens but ouch.

– Boychuk had a rough day and he didn't even play poorly. Poor guy is battered and bruised from the first.

– The new Bruins Player of the Game t-shirt. That a chicken? A turkey?



*Rim shot*

– Ovechkin is that kid who just hangs at center ice for breakaways. He can't be bothered to fein defense for the Caps. Awful captain.

– Poor Thornton. No one would fight him again. He looked like the kid who didn't get a party favor at the birthday party.

– Hendricks in general.


 Hendricks didn't want to fight the fan because going 0-4 in one game is embarrassing

Captials Hendricks threatens Bruins fan

– Greg for not starting Nathan Horton in fantasy hockey today

– This fucking dude.

Pic by @HBAdventure




– Will Justin's roller hockey team ever win? Starting the season 0-4.

– This:


– Is there a worse NHL captain than Alexandre Ovechkin?

– How hasn't Rene Rancourt been named one of the Most Stylish Bostonians?