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RECAP: Christopher Columbus Sucks. Bruins Lose.


Bruins lose a matinee home game. Let us show you our surprised face.

Boston had plenty of chances. From the stands, it felt like the Boston had the better opportunities, but somehow they couldn't figure out how to bury pucks by Gustavsson. On the other side of the rink, Rask was good but a few mental errors by the defense and an extremely rare fuck up by Patrice Bergeron cost the Bruins three goals. Oof.

Meanwhile, Loui Eriksson ticks another goal off in hopes of proving Greg wrong about how many he'll score this season.

But like Christopher Columbus, Boston sucks at matinees… or something. I don't know anymore.

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– Milt Schmidt honored once again by the Bruins organization and faithful. Here's an interview during the game for those who missed it.

Also, his jersey? Pure sex.

– Marchand was meh for part of the game but was hauling ass in the third period. Poor kid is still has only one goal. He had four shots in the game.

– Iginla. Snake bitten but put up five shots, a team high. He also had four hits, also a team high.

Does this count as Jagr Syndrome? Or Seguin Syndrome?

– Torey Krug. Man. He didn't hit the scoreboard but the kid was making shit happen out there today. Good skating. Great passing. Too bad nothing came out of it.

He was one of two Bruins that ended the game as a positive. The other…

– Boychuk. His slapshot got redirected in my Loui Eriksson for Boston's first goal of the game.

– Lucic gave Bruins fans a ray of hope when his back hand finally snuck by Gustavsson.


– Rask for that sweet hit he threw in the third.

Wonder if Ryan Miller called Justin Abdelkader a little piece of shit for this one


Also a reminder, that while Sabres fans were jerking off while using their tears as lube after Lucic and Miller collided, Boston was chearing like crazy when Rask was ballsy enough to run out there. He probably learned it from Timmy.

– Bruins for teasing fans with the old school B and Red Wings logo but still wearing their current unis. Go big or go home, Boston…

– The Power Play. Holy balls. The puck was moving and they were getting a lot of nice looks and chances, but when you go 0 for 5 on the PP, including a two minute 5 on 3, it can only be a negative.

– Chara. Was a -2 and was too busy shooting his mouth and trying to start crap behind the play he wasn't ready for when the Red Wings busted into the defensive zone. Led to a goal. Can't rememvber which one and too lazy to look it up on the Bruins site. It's all a blur (thankfully). But Chara didn't look good.

– Rumor has it Bergeron went straight to Boston PD HQ to file a theft report. He got burned back in the first period for Detroit's first goal.

That would burns like when Jon pees.

– Shot block differential. Detroit had 22. Boston had 5.


– The new Bruins souvenir cups are smaller in past years. Jacobs strikes again.

– I know everyone's stoked about Sal's Pizza being in the Garden but it's the same shitty tasting crap as last season when Uno was the vendor. It's more of a sponsorship than the company vending. New name. Same crap.


– When will Chad Johnson get a start?

– Where's Dougie?

–  Does Rask get credited with a hit in the third?