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RECAP: Second Line In Your Programs, First Line on Your Scoresheets. BRUINS WIN!


Nice win by the Boston Bruins after two disappointing losses. The game wasn't perfect and they made a comfortable two goal lead turn into a nailbiter one goal lead but the Bruins did what they couldn't do against Montreal and Washington — shut the door and lock it down.

We feel like we say this every post-game recap but what a game by the "second line" — Begeron, Seguin and Marchand. That trio is just unreal right now and has been all season long. They might be listed as the team's second line but they're the best line for the Bruins this year and most of last year. They work hard each shift, they know where each other are going to be on the ice and they get results. It's unreal to watch them play. If they're not the best line in the NHL right now than I'm almost afraid to ask who.

A lot of people were surprised that Julien put Khudobin in tonight against the Leafs instead of Rask how's numbers against Toronto is listed as obscene by the FCC.

Anton Khudobin

And then there's the third line. They got called out by Julien and they had one shift that should've resulted in about a million goals but they came up empty. Guys can't buy a goal right now. But it's cool 'cause Soderberg says he's coming to the rescue when his season's over. Bwaaaah?

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– The return of the Days of Y'Orr Pregame Show!

– Milt Schmidt dropping the puck. He turned 95 this week. Guy was and still is a beast and one of the best to ever wear a Bruins uni.

Milt Schmidt birthday Bruins

Bet he could improve the third line.

– Quaider and Fraser bout after Fraser buried Pandolfo. Fraser threw a lot of short left jabs and was pushing and pulling McQuaid a lot. Made it seem worse than it was. Edge to Fraser.

McQuaid should grow the mullet back. 

– Khu robbing Bozak when down two men. Khudobin had a solid night all around. The team loves Dr. Khu.

– Ference burying Kadri in the corner at the end of the PK so he could grow into a tree.

– Bergeron is a perfect human being and a more perfect hockey player. Great goal by Saint Patrice picking up Seguin's trash (hehehehehe).

Great work by Seguin and Marchand to win that puck by the offensive blue line. Patrice Bergeron has 4 goals, 10 assists, and is +11 in last 9 games. Unreal play right now.

– Seguin's 6th goal of the year. A nice play by Brado, gets the puck to Seguin and a laser of a shot.

Is there a better line than Bergy-Marchand-Seguin? If so, we'd hate to play them. Scrivens is gonna have nightmares of those three.

Between period interview: "March didn't make the greatest of passes." –Seguin. What a troll.

– Goddamn. We haven't see a Destroychuk hit like that in a while.

Reminds of us of another big hit he had against Toronto:

Johnny Boychuk hit

– David "Don't Trade Me, Greg" Krecji with a sweet rebound goal late in the second. Ference sets up the goal with a nice hard shot that bounced off defenders.

– Seguin with the ENG to close the coffin

– This tweet.



– End of the first the Kelly-Pevz line had like four wide open nets during a shift and couldn't score. Here's a picture of them after that shift.

– Turnover by Krejci in the offensive zone leads to a two on one break out. MacArthur with a nice pass to Kadri for a goal.

– Campbell on the PP. Campbell didn't do anything wrong. Just the fact he's on the PP is awful.

– Bruins troubles clearing their own zone continued late in the second period.

– You… you are not Batman…

But we approve of your fandom.

– Damien Cox for being Damien Cox

– This bonehead move by Colton Orr. Not sure what he was doing or trying to prove there. Woulda been 17PIM if that was Chara.


– Bruins with 100 icings tonight

– Colton Orr actually lasting 400 career NHL games. Yikes.

– Chaos 3/4 way through the first. Dougie gets cought deep in Toronto's zone after a slapshot. Leafs get a breakout the other way. No goal on initial breakout but enough chaos and pressure to let Grabvoski to score a weak goal.

– Will we see Soderberg… like for real this time?

– Is there a better line than Bergy-Seguin-Marchand? 

– Why is Colton Orr still in the NHL?