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RECAP: The Chris Bourque Experiment Continues. BRUINS WIN!


Boom. This was exactly what the Boston Bruins needed after that shitshow against the Sabres. As Greg pointed out the team had been playing awful defense the last few games but it was vieled by wins. That Sabre's travesty was the ass kicking the team needed. So what do the Bruins do? They go up against the Maple Leafs and play strong defensive hockey, the type of hockey fans expect under Claude Julien and get their first shutout of the season.

You know it, Mr Connery.

Thanks to unfortunate injuries to Thornton and Paille, Chris Bourque gets put back into the line-up with Chris Kelly and Rich Peverly. And maybe Raymondson just needed to see the game NHL13 style. His drive to the net put him position to bank in a sweet pass from Kelly for the game's only goal. As Chris O' said (with sarcasm), it's gonna be awesome to see #48 next to #77 in the rafters.

The Chris Bourque Experiment continues, folks. Love him or hate him, it's good to see #48 and the rest of the third line producing.

The good, the bad, and the lingering questions after the jump…


– Lane not taking much time to drop the gloves, sending a message that even without Thornton, Boston will hit and fight and fight. First fight was close to a drawer but second one was all Lane.
– Bruins defense was pretty tight tonight. Nice to see Boston play hardnose, solid defensive hockey.
– Chris Bourque driving to the net for his first goal of the season.
Even does daddy's sliding fist pump.
There a name for Chris Bourque fans? We've heard Bourquenistas and Whoreques so far.
– Tuukka Rask was lights out. He had great D in front of him but he had beautiful positioning as well. No busting his neck looking at the goal light this time.
– Edwards roasting Montreal's diving
– Bruins centers continuing to dominate in the face off circles — team has won over 60% of their face offs
– Brick: "Ference took a dumper." 
– Boychuk stacking the pads
– Campbell was solid all night. Great fill in for Marchand.
– Not sure who was in net for Toronto but no way it was Reimer. No way Reimer lets in only one goal against Boston. He kept Toronto in that game.  Check him for PEDs.
– Kessel continuing to suck against Boston.
– Bruins improving to 6-1-1



– No Shawn Thornton 😦 

– The refs on both of those "no goals." Apparently "incidental contact" is the goalie putting himself out of position by making a save and tripping the attacker… or something
– Brad Marchand 😦 

Image by Jon S.(@YakovMirono)
Hopefully the Little Ball of Hate and the Bruins leading goal scorerer isn't seriously injured. He's too valuable to Boston — both offensively and being offensive. Julien said after the game that he was kept out for cautionary reasons but was cleared to play that last period. This is how confident Julien is against the Leafs.
Oh yea, Fuck You, Reimer.
– Whatever universe this app is living in:

Thanks to @TonyX816 for sharing
– Dougie getting elbowed by Buffalo and high-sticked by Toronto and no call on either.
– This NESN stat
But oh hai, Boychuk Grin
– The refs (again(…. Chara gets two minutes for being big
– Kostka is awful.


What's creepier? This:

Or this?