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RECAP: What Time is It? Six Past the Bruins. Bruins Lose.

Last night was ugly.

How ugly was it?

The game was so ugly that Jon wouldn't even sleep with it. The game was soooo ugly.

But how ugly was it?

So ugly that Robb thought he was looking at a reflection in the mirror. The game was soooo ugly.

But how ugly was it?

So ugly that I have no idea why you're reading this recap.

Bruins absolutely shit themselves on the ice last night. Blame it on the injuries and the newbies on the team. Blame it on the Bs being on the tail end of a west cost road trip. Blame it on the flu that ran havoc on the team. Blame it on whatever deity you prefer, it doesn't change the fact that the Bruins played like trash last night and got their asses handed to them. Someone must've given Rask and Johnson Nyquil instead of Dayquil because they were as dull as a butter knife. Rest of the team was just awful.

Two positives:

Reilly Smith. The only forward who decided to show up. Had Boston's only two goals, and he wasn't at morning skate because he was sleeping off his flu.

We have no photoshops of Reilly Smith yet and we have no idea why…

Brad Marchand. His ring kissing was amusing the first time. Nice troll work.


Iginla was a madman last night. Busted up his finger fighting Kesler in the first.

This is why fighting with helmets on is stupid. Also, this is usually the worst injury you'll see from a fight, unlike an elbow or knee or shoulder to the head. Anyways, Iginla came back in the second period after some emergency finger work between periods.

Amusing enough, the Brethren of Assassins have inducted Iggy as part of their order.

Bruins return home Tuesday night to host the Flames.