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[Updated] Reimer leading Thomas in ASG votes & having highest GAA/SV%

[Updated with the new stats at the end of the post. This post is now out dated. Suck it.]

The NHL All Star Game voting has always been a bit of a joke. We like to think that hockey fans are the most intelligent fans out there but they still fall for the same crap you see in other sports — voting for their favorite player over those who deserve it.

We see it all the time. It’s why Sidney Crosby could technically be named to the ASG despite playing like five games or whatever.

And it’s also why we run into bullshit like this. Maple Leafs goaltender James Reimer leading Tim Thomas by about 5000 votes, despite Reimer’s stats not even being top 30 worthy.

The voting might be close but their stats aren’t. More after the jump…

Leading goalie ASG votes:

And leading goalie stats:

Oh noes! Where’s Reimer?!

Hovering around #35 out of 46 listed goalies. He doesn’t even make it on the first page of stats.

There’s your future starting All Star goalie unless something changes over the next five days.

GAA and SV% aside, Thomas has as many wins as Reimer has games played. And if we’re considering Reimer an All-Star we might as well toss Tuukka’s name in there. At least his stats are All Star worthy and he’s had basically same number of games played.

Few theories:
1) Bruins fans are just apathetic toward the ASG 
2) Toronto fans are idiots but not apathetic
3) All of the above

We’d blame PPP but pretty sure they’re just as surprised as the rest of us. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Either way: Thomas > Remier. 

Voting goes ’till January 4th so if you care, vote. You get 30 of them.

UPDATED: Sean Leahy of PuckDaddy just tweeted the following picture. Looks like Thomas is now in the lead.

Thomas all star

This post should’ve been written like two weeks ago. It’s essence is still accurate even if the numbers are now changed.