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RECAP: Rival Reignited but BRUINS LOSE.



Not sure if it was just us, but lately we've felt the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry had gone soft. There was no spark. The atmosphere had been about as intense as a Blue Jackets playoff watch. Then a game like tonight reminded us why this rivalry is not only the greatest in hockey, but the greatest in all of sports.

Montreal plays a perfect bad guy. They give you so many reasons to HATE them. Then when you realize they want you to hate them, they've got you again.

This game had everything but a Bruins win. It was a great game. But we're still too pissed off to do a decent intro.

– Chara stepping up to defend Seguin after getting blasted in the ribs.

– Seguin HEATING UP!

– Beautiful pass by Seguin to Bergeron on that second goal. Then Bergeron put on his mining hat and dug himself a goal!

– Seguin and Bergeron have been absolute BEASTS the past few games!

– Goal posts.

– Marchand's absolute magic on that third Bruins goal and then that ridiculous shot by Dougie Hamilton. AND IT WAS A POWER PLAY GOAL!

– Thornton chirping the ENTIRE Canadiens bench. Number of dance partners? Zero. Thornton is awesome. The Canadiens are scared! 

– So, Chara essentially sparked Pacioretty reaching his potential. You're welcome Montreal. Montreal fans were waiting for Pacioretty to fully break out. Once he came back from Chara giving him scrambled eggs brain the guy has been pretty good. See Montreal? Chara is such a helpful giant.


– McQuaid making up for his penalty by schooling the Montreal powerplay. So awesome.

– Lucic showing Montreal what happens when you try to cheap shot the Bruins. After the game Prust was quoted as saying Lucic's finishing move should be called the "Dark Room." GOT YOUR NOSE!

– Thornton KILLING Montreal all by himself on one shift. Then White skating over like he's going to do something and then running to the bench once he realizes it was Thornton. THIS IS WHY SHAWN THORNTON SHOULDN'T BE A HEALTHY SCRATCH CLAUDE!!!


– Krejci, that pass was awful. Boychuk… just… what were you doing?!

– Rask… buddy… the game started at 7:30. Did you not get the memo?

– Bruins defense. Every time the offense scored the defense tried to give it away. Jebus fellas.

– Goal posts.

– Seems like Lucic is getting called for a lot of penalties based on "reputation" lately rather than anything he's actually doing. Ridiculous.

– Bruins complete lack of discipline. Come on guys. 

– Lars Eller taking cheap shots them being too much of a coward to fight McQuaid. "Typical Montreal!"

– Not sure what the hell Emelin was chirping about. The refs literally jumped in to save him. LITERALLY. Chara would've killed you buddy. Feel lucky. Fucking cheap shot artist. Go home and pray to whatever false god you pray to because Chara would've torn your face off.

– Now, we LOVE that the Bruins stick up for each other. LOVE it. But think about the trade off in a close game. Habs lose two absolute useless guys in Prust and Emelin. Bruins lose Chara and Lucic. With that said, however, Habs needed to know you can't cheap shot the Bruins best players. Chara did the right thing. Too bad Chara didn't get to finish the job.

– Further prove of how absolutely, outrageously dumb the Montreal media and fans are. So, apparently Chara is a "dirty" player for fighting Emelin because Emelin, in the past, broke an orbital bone and has metal plates in his head. So, Chara is supposed to ignore a dirty hit on his teammate?

If Emelin is so concerned about that maybe he shouldn't be a dumbass dirty player or perhaps maybe he shouldn't fucking play hockey. Shut your stupid pansy mouths Montreal. You are the ass hole of Canada.

– Talking about how dirty and gutless P.K. Subban and the Canadiens are would take AT LEAST a week. At least.

– Montreal complaining about missed calls is probably the most HILARIOUS thing of all time. 

– Nice third period play Bruins. Sure you almost tied it at the end, but you shouldn't have even been in that position. Bad Bruins. BAD!

– What the HELL is this? You know, other than another great example of how stupid Montreal is.

– Why couldn't Jon see through his intense anger and write a better recap.

– Why is Jon outside punting babies wearing Habs jerseys?

– How many posts will there be by Montreal writers saying Lucic and Chara should be suspended?

– Why is the city of Montreal such a joke?