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Roberto LOLongo still crying, Vancouver flood warning level raised to ‘high’

This news is like a day old now but half of Team DOY has been on vacation last two weeks and the other half is too busy diddling themselves to cover the news. So there. 

But it looks like everyone’s favorite Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo is still crying, two months after the Bruins slid it in his backside without the use of lube. He now regrets calling Timmy out after Game 5 and askign about tire pumping before Game 6.

“Yeah, for sure. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t say it. I didn’t want to create the buzz that it did. After the fifth game, I had never been so emotional and I got carried away.”  –LOLongo, Radio-Canada.ca (translation by Stuart St-Amant)

To be fair, we’d probably regret it, too, if we acted like a big shot and then had a total letdown of a performance right after. Just ask our girlfriends.

Honestly, this is only news because it’s mid-August and nothing is going on. We’re even bored about talking about Marchand’s non-exsisting contract.

 Is it October yet?