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Round Table: Boston’s Most Influrential Player

tableWelcome to the Days of Y’Orr Round Table discussion. This is a new, semi-regular feature we’re going to try out in which the DOY crew discuss important — and sometimes trivial — matters of hockey.

This is the fifth edition of our round table discussion. Our latest edition discussed Tampa’s most influential player if they were to win the series. #3 talked about whether Tyler Seguin or Jordan Caron should start for the black and gold. The second edition was a debate who should start in the playoffs between Michael Ryder and Tyler Seguin. Clearly we were wrong. We all wanted Seguin to play over Ryder and Ryder came up huge in the Montreal series. Our first edition was talking about Marc Savard with his rash of concussion issues.

It’s almost here folks! The Bruins and Lightning square off in one more day, about 16 hours from now. Yesterday the Days of Y’Orr staff talked about who needs to be Tampa Bay’s most influential player if Tampa Bay were to win the series. Today we’re talking about the Bruins. The same question was asked of the Bruins to the Days of Y’Orr staff, so here are their answers.

Robb: Despite our Seguin vs Caron round table, it seems imminent that Tyler is getting the go ahead. While he can’t fill Bergeron’s shoes defensively (that responsibility is going to fall on Kelly), his absence is going to give Segs a chance to show us what he can bring to the table.  What sucks is if the Bruins has a bad game or if they lose, a lot of people are going to point fingers at Seguin and talk about how much they miss Bergeron, etc.

Seguin is going to need to make an impact and need to make it fast.  Even if his point production isn’t great, he should use his speed to at least bother Tampa Bay’s defense and create openings for others.  He may only play for the first few games, depending on how long Bergeron is out, but those first few games will set the tone for the rest of the series. Answer: Tyler Seguin

Justin: Chris Kelly and/or whoever else plays next to Marchand and Recchi. That second line has been potent all season and a lot of that is because of Bergeron’s playmaking ability. I don’t expect Kelly, Seguin or anyone else to perfectly fill Bergy’s shoes, but whoever’s lining Marchand/Rex needs to try to set them up for scoring opportunities. Loss of Bergeron also puts a little bit more pressure on the third line to score, which was on fire vs. Montreal.

You can also make an argument for Thomas. If he can steal a few games for Boston that might be enough. But that’s also Thomas being Thomas at that point. What a stud. Answer: Second line center

I am going to skip the obvious Tim Thomas selection and go with Lucic. He finally started to wake up towards the end of the Flyers series and the Bruins will definitely need him at his best against Tampa Bay. The Lightning have the most potent offense the Bruins have faced so far in the playoffs and Lucic is going to need to score big goals and use his physicality to make things difficult of Tampa defenders in the corners. We need to see the hitting and scoring Lucic that notched 30 goals during the regular season. A lot of the goals that were scored on Boucher won’t goal in against Roloson so Lucic needs to use his big body to hang out in the crease and pick up the trash around the net. Answer: Milan Lucic

Moshmont. Taking into account my answer from yesterday, apparently I love the “pest” role. Marchand is more than a pest though. The guy was a 20 goal scoerer in the regular season and has scored big goals against Montreal and Philadelphia. He’s currently playing on one of the best lines in the playoffs and although the loss of Bergeron should impair the chemistry from earlier, I think whoever is plugged in there will be able to get this line going. Answer: Moshmont

There it is. Who do you think it will be?