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Round Table: Seguin or Caron?

tableWelcome to the Days of Y’Orr Round Table discussion. This is a new, semi-regular feature we’re going to try out in which the DOY crew discuss important — and sometimes trivial — matters of hockey.

This is the third edition of our round table discussion. The second edition was a debate who should start in the playoffs between Michael Ryder and Tyler Seguin. Clearly we were wrong. We all wanted Seguin to play over Ryder and Ryder came up huge in the Montreal series. Our first edition was talking about Marc Savard with his rash of concussion issues.


: I’m ok with either. Both could use the experience; both won’t replace Bergeron. Caron is more gritty and a better in front net presence but Seguin has better play making skills. Question is: Which will Peverly and Ryder benefit more from? Ryder’s not a playmaker, Peverly can be sometimes. Neither are really net-front presence types either. I’ll go with Seguin since I was asking him to be in for Ryder prior to Game 1 of the first series, but if Seguin starts shitting on the ice, Caron’s a nice replacement, too. Answer: Tyler Seguin

Robb: Seguin to start, no question.  In terms of pure skill, he’s better than Caron and has played in 74 NHL games, compared to Caron’s 23.  The biggest X-Factor is that Caron is a better 3rd line style player, so I’m going to hope and pray for some of that wonderful chemistry that Ryder and Seguin had earlier in the season..

Caron should probably be ready to go though since the slightest mistake could get him pulled.  Either way though, I’m hoping Bergy only misses a game or two. Answer: Tyler Seguin

: Personally I’d rather see Caron. And that isn’t a knock on Seguin. I think Seguin will be a great NHL player. But Tampa Bay defenders are blocking shots at ridiculous rates and Roloson is doing his best Tim Thomas impression. Caron is the type of player that is hard to get the puck away from and the type of player that will go to the front of the net and make life miserable for opposing goalies. I think the B’s are gonna need plenty of dirty goals to get by in this series and Caron is more suited for that. But who knows. Maybe Seguin comes out hungry and on fire and amazes us all. Answer: Jordan Caron

Greg: Give me Caron. I like Seguin a lot. I wanted to start him over Michael Ryder before the playoffs began. I think the kid brings speed and skill to a line that already, well, has speed (Peverley) and skill (Ryder). I think what the Bruins are going to need is a little more grit to get past the Lightning in this round. Much like Jon said, this isn’t a knock on Seguin at all, but he’s not really willing to get into the dirty areas to retrieve the puck and he certainly wont sit in front of the net. Caron has a little nasty in him (that’s what she said) and it would bode well in this series. Stick him around the net and let him tip pucks in. Seguin doesn’t have the balls to do it. Answer: Jordan Caron

So there you have it. The DOY staff is split right down the middle. What do you think? Is it time to give the #2 overall pick his due or let Caron play?