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Ryan Callahan: 0-2 Captain. BRUINS WIN!

Five. Five goallar. Five goallar Bruins gaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Suck it Rangers. Suck it Ryan Callahan. Suck it Henrik Softqvist. Suck it Rick Nash. Suck it Linda Cohn. Suck it Stan Fischler. 

Rask was a beast. Hey buddy, we already forgot. How many goals did your team score on Lundqvist while you were playing A LOT better than him again?

If we forgot you and you're a Rangers fan, suck it.


Yeah. But Tuukka Rask isn't a freaking sieve. Chara has more talent in his nose hair than the entire Washington defensive corps combined. Ovechkin is a terrible leader with no heart. Basically, the Bruins are the opposite of the Crapitals. 

Lick our collective buttholes.


– Bruins defensive scoring goals everywhere up in here. Bruins defenseman are scoring more goals than Rick Nash.

– So ummm… that move by Krug to collect the puck and then score was absolutely ridiculous. We'd get more excited about Krug, but the names Kampfer and Hunwick jumped into our heads. Please be better than them Krug. He's been awesome. But so wasn't Hunwick and Kampfer for a while. We'd like to see Krug keep this up over a longer period of time. Still though, another great game by Krug.

– Boychuk has been a shot blocking beast. He certainly understands it takes some pain to win. In his case a lot of pain. What a bad ass.

– Chara blocking the middle of the ice and just letting Rask take on Nash on that 2 on 1 early in the second. Chara just blocked the passing lane and let Rask get a good look. Perfect play.

– Boychuk deserved that awesome goal. Oh boy did he. He hit roughly 30 posts last game and has been playing his balls off. If you hate Boychuk, Jon hates you and your stupid ugly face.

– Glad to see Pierre McGuire is back in the dating game with Ryan Callahan. Took Pierre forever to get over Mike Richards.

– Shawn Thornton is TERRIFYING!

– Campbell and Paille. Campbell scores. Paille messes you up with Campbell on the PK. Do something Rangers. Do something.

– Bruins PK in general mother uckas.

– The Bergeron-Marchand Connection. Again.

– Rask made some perty saves.

– Lucic certainly working hard to put all that regular season Whocic stuff behind him. He's finally throwing hits again and grabbed a goal.

– King Who?

– Milbury GM University is accepting new students. Only those with an IQ less than 10 will be accepted.

– Hamilton and Marchand, what in the blue hell were you doing on the Rangers' first goal? 

– Games on NBC.

– Pretty much any time Mike Milbury talks. At all.

– Dorsett is the Colton Orr of this series. Bruins fans are pumped such a shitty player is getting way more ice time than he should. 

– Chara got buuuuuuuurned bad on that Nash goal in the second. Shit happens. Calm down Jimmy Murphy, no need to trade Chara because of that play.

– Can Nicklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals score 15 goals in 15 seconds? No, because the Captials blow and he's golfing.

– Bruins power play is almost as ugly as Pierre McGuire. Almost.

– Bruins were outplayed BADLY in the second. They got lucky the game wasn't like 10-2 Rangers going into the third.

– Seguin couldn't be more invisible if he was Phaneuf.

– Callahan, if you're going to come at Destroychuk with a late hit your face is going to get punched. Get the sand out of your vagina.

– People who call assists "apples." Jon hates you. Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

– Rangers fans saying being down 0-2 isn't a big deal because they came back agains the Capitals. The Captials couldn't win a series even if the other team didn't show up. Shudda you faces.

– How the hell does Nash not get called for trying to cut Paille's hand off? Nash is just pissed that Danny Paille is way more talented than Overpaid Nash.

– Why does Mike Milbury still have a job?

– Why is Mike Milbury allowed to talk?

– If Mike Milbury was Pittsburgh's GM, he'd trade Crosby for a clone of Fleury.

– Jon hates Mike Milbury.

– Mike Milbury is terrible.

– Jimmy Murphy must love Mike Milbury because Milbury traded Chara when he was the Islanders GM and Jimmy Murphy probably thinks Chara should be traded back to the Islanders.

– Wow, a lot of really stupid people cover the Bruins.

– We hate you Mike Milbury. How does it feel to know your legacy is hockey is hitting a dude with a shoe and being the worst GM in NHL history?