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Ryan Miller loses his shit… again


So the other day Ryan Miller lost his shit… again.

Oof. About time for Buffalo to show a little fight but their timing is awful. You throw down when the opposing team cheapshots you, not when your own defenseman pushes a forward into you. Same thing with Weber. He's the one who throws Martin into Miller and then he starts dishing out fisticuffs. Embarrassing. 

Ryan Miller needs to get the hell out of Buffalo. He needs a new scenary, a new team, a new management system. Buffalo is a shitshow. Look at this face. He looks like a madman. He's gone from angsty emo to potential homicidal maniac and it's all Lucic's fault, right?

The guy is a powderkeg every game now. If he's not flipping his shit post-game telling the reporters how awful his teammates are he's flipping his shit on ice and punching guys for things his teammates do.

The Sabres are a joke and even the owner's daughter thinks so.