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Sabres, Habs chirp about who got their asses kicked more by the bWo

Sabres Habs chirp Bruins
You know shit’s bad when your chances of making it in the playoffs are in the gutter. But shit gets downright hilarious when those teams start using the Boston Bruins as a centering point for their trash talking.

Last night our old friends the Buffalo Sabres and the Montreal Canadiens faced off and things got a little intense towards the end of the game. Some choice words were spoken.

From PuckDaddy:

According to Mathieu Darche of the Canadiens (via CJAD), Gaustad and Pacioretty were arguing when the Sabres forward asked “Where’s Chara? Where’s Chara?”; a reference to that horrific scene in which Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara rode Pacioretty into the stanchion last season and onto a stretcher.

Is playing mindgames with an opponent considered a headshot? If so, we might see Patches watching Hall Pass again very soon.

Darche wasn’t pleased with this chirp.

“I don’t think it’s right to talk about an incident where a guy broke his neck. I thought it was classless,” said Darche after the game.

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Of course, the Habs wouldn’t allow such an affront to their honor go unanswered:

The Canadiens got in a few verbal barbs of their own when they asked why Gaustad didn’t stand up earlier this year when Boston’s Milan Lucic ran over Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller.

Lucic Miller
Fucking amazing. All we need is Vancouver to jump in on the action and we can watch the world burn.

Gotta love it when two teams chirp about who got their asses kicked more by the Bruins.


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